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Kubernetes Dockerized !

I had other ideas for writing about Kubernestes but the following news changed my mind.

If docker was a miracle where one could simply put a whole world inside a text file, Kubernetes is the proverbial genie in the bottle.

That docker has done it finally means a lot because docker already had a swarm to do exactly the same thing. However given the elegance of kubernetes , docker had to give in and provide native support. This is a brilliant news and a win-win for all parties especially open-source developers who rely heavily on such tools.

Recently kubernetes has seen a lot of names joining the band wagon. Most importantly the recent fall has been a spring with many big names joining.

A look at the Platinum Members : Microsoft, AWS, CISCO, CoreOS, DellTechnologies, Fujitsu, Google, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Joyent, NEOSPHERE, ORACLE, Pivotal, Redhat, Samsung, SAP, VMWare and Finally Docker shows the steam that has been gained by Kubernetes in the recent past.

Love it whenever such initiative make big and feeds the dream and passion of open source community.

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