Actor Jordi Molla Plans Genesis NFT Drop with Krew Studios and Raini by@ranicorn

Actor Jordi Molla Plans Genesis NFT Drop with Krew Studios and Raini

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The team at Raini is excited to announce an official partnership with creative powerhouse Krew Studios to launch a digital NFT collaboration with actor and artist Jordi Molla. The collaboration, titled MASKS, will showcase a collection of meticulously hand-painted masks by the celebrated actor and will represent the first official artist NFT drop on Raini.

After selling out our successful pack sale for The Lords of Light, we have positioned ourselves as an important player in both the play-to-earn and Metaverse ecosystems. This experience will culminate with Krew Studios, a talented duo comprised of Rambino and Emily Rose Fiander, who collectively bring years of experience working with A-list brands, artists, and celebrities.

Behind the Highly-Anticipated MASKS Collection


Hailing from Barcelona, Spain and originally trained as an actor at the Barcelona Institute of Theatre, Jordi is known for his work in films such as the critically acclaimed Blow with Johnny Depp and Penélope Cruz, in addition to roles in Bad Boys II, Knight and Day, Colombiana and Riddick. More recently, Jordi starred as the Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Reyes, in Season 2 of Jack Ryan.

Jordi’s pursuit of artistic expression goes outside of film, to the realm of paint and sculpture: his MASKS lineup is intended to pull back the layers that hide the true value in a person’s soul and character, demonstrating the connection between who we choose to appear as in externally, and who we are truly, deep within. In this latest collection, Jordi invites his audience to accept and celebrate the social masks we all use and wear.

More details around MASKS will be announced soon. Raini has already revealed that stakers of $RAINI tokens will be entitled to a special allocation from this drop via Rainbow and Unicorn pools, and that there will be an exclusive presale period for the main public sale that will function similarly to The Lords of Light pack drop.

You can follow the latest updates on Raini’s official social media channels like Twitter and Telegram.