KMD Instinct Deluxe Gaming Headset for PS4/PS5 (Review) by@wheeljack84

KMD Instinct Deluxe Gaming Headset for PS4/PS5 (Review)

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Recently, the folks at Retro-Bit were nice enough to send over a new gaming headset to review.

This is a new KMD Instinct Gaming Headset that's compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 game consoles.

Author's Note: As mentioned above, this is a product review based on a review sample provided to us by Retro-Bit. However, these are my true thoughts and opinions on the product.

KMD Instinct Deluxe Gaming Headset: Price for Value

Considering its price and what it provides at $29.99, this is a gaming headset that provides a fairly deluxe experience compared to the official Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, which currently runs for $99.99.

Granted this is not a wireless headset, but since it plugs into a PlayStation controller, there's a bit of give and take there, since the PS4 and PS5 controllers are wireless.

While this is advertised as a headset that's compatible with the PS4 and PS5, the 3.5 mm headphone jack combo will work on any device that has that combination.

I also used this for my MacBook laptop and Nintendo 3DS just fine, and the sound works just as well.

Plus it has a built-in, omnidirectional noise-cancelling microphone.

So, that means it also works well for podcasting purposes, which I take part in quite frequently.

In other words, this is a headset that can be used for simple video or Netflix viewing or podcasting, or online Skype or Zoom calls to cancel out bad background noise or feedback.

This is a multi-purpose headset that can be used for more than just gaming and online gaming sessions.

This is a wired headset, but it features a cloth-braided cable. It's a six-foot (two-meter) cable that is fairly durable, and I've found that cloth cables last a lot longer for me than rubber or vinyl cables.

The cable does have a built-in in-line microphone switch with a volume control knob and one key mute function.

Now, I do have a few other gaming headsets from Lucid Sound and HyperX that have removable microphones. This one isn't removable, but the switch does offer for easy one-switch on/off functionality if you are just looking for gaming or media immersion and not speaking for gaming sessions.

The microphone is omnidirectional, and thus far, it appears to work exceptionally well for easy online communication for both gaming and also laptop voice sessions.

In terms of the comfort and adjustment capabilities of the headset, I was quite happy with the fit of the foam-pads.

The headband is adjustable and has a nice fit. Even without stretching the headband, the Instinct headset provides a decent amount of room, and the top area also has another foam-padded cushion.

The fit and use of the headset was not overly intrusive as sometimes get to be after some of those longer, extended sessions.

The headphone areas are not constraining and have plenty of room as well.

KMD Instinct Deluxe Gaming Headset: The Verdict

For sound quality, after using the headset for gaming and various media, everything appears to sound immaculate.

Sound effects and music come in very clear, crisp pristine and layered. I don't have a huge home theater setup with amazing speaker resources, so I'm always looking for ways to improve my sound and immersion experience.

This headset is a nice substitute for the gaming experience. And considering, I've had to do a lot more home video meetings and podcasts due to the pandemic, the headset serves multiple work purposes for me beyond just gaming and media viewing as well.

Overall, this is a nice, economical gaming headset option that has multiple uses beyond just gaming, especially for players who want that full, noise-cancelling experience but are not looking to spend $100, if not more, on wireless gaming headsets.

The KMD Instinct Deluxe Gaming Headset Deluxe Edition is available for $29.99 at

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