Kitsumon is the Metaverse for All Gamers: Even if You Don't Understand Crypto by@kitsumonworld

Kitsumon is the Metaverse for All Gamers: Even if You Don't Understand Crypto

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Welome to the world of Kitsumon, an online multiplayer digital world where Kitsu and trainers interact together.

It's been an exciting last few years for blockchain gaming fans. That's because, in that time, dozens of new games have come online to offer players engaging gameplay and the chance to earn real money for playing. But there's one thing that's still holding the market back: most mainstream gaming fans don't have the slightest idea how to get involved in the phenomenon.

Some of that is because blockchain gaming developers are still exploring the best ways to use the medium. There are certainly some technical hurdles to overcome there. But we think there's a bigger problem at play. It's that most blockchain games aren't designed to appeal to the widest possible audience.

They're designed to appeal to gamers who already participate in the crypto market, and who understand how it works. But we believe that blockchain gaming could break through to the mainstream through a game purposefully designed to attract everyone from hardcore crypto enthusiasts to casual smartphone gamers.

And that's just what we're building. The Kitsumon metaverse is one that we expect to attract gamers from all walks of life, uniting gamers of all stripes into a single, shared blockchain gaming experience. Here's how.

An À La Carte Gaming Experience

The core gaming philosophy that we're applying to Kitsumon is to empower players to participate in the Kitsumon metaverse however they wish. As a result, it's a sandbox experience suited for a variety of gamer types. Players can choose to breed, train, and prepare their Kitsu – the game's collectible creatures – for battle. Or, they can raise and trade crops to help other players feed their Kitsu. They can even skip the gameplay altogether and buy, sell, and trade Kitsu as collectible NFTs on the open market.

The point is, the game doesn't presume to tell players how to approach it. That's what makes it such a good match for casual gamers and blockchain gaming fans alike. And by providing something for everyone, we believe Kitsumon will be able to bring all of those disparate gaming communities together in one place.

The World of Kitsumon

Kitsumon is a free-to-play game that players will soon be able to play on their favorite mobile device or PC. When they first join, each player gets their own piece of virtual land in the Kitsumon metaverse, which becomes their base of operations for whatever they want to do. And there's plenty to do.

Players can engage in the game by taking on any number of in-game professions. They can be fishermen, farmers, chefs – anything they want. But all of the professions do have one thing in common. It's that they all support the training, breeding, and battling of Kitsu.

And if players want to build a stable of Kitsu that can best all comers, the more professions they engage in the better off they'll be. That's because the more skills they master, the more in-game benefits they enjoy. And that means stronger Kitsu to build their team.

The Kitsumon Marketplace

There's another important aspect of the Kitsumon metaverse that we believe will make it a hit with gamers. It's that the Kitsu and other game items they create will be theirs to do with as they see fit. If they want to accumulate in-game assets, that's fine. But if they want to turn their hard work into cold, hard cash, all they have to do is go to the Kitsumon marketplace.

It's a standalone NFT marketplace we've built that allows players to buy, sell, and trade all of their in-game assets. Players can use it to purchase Kitsu eggs, food items, ingredients – everything needed to excel in the game. They can even sell fully-evolved Kitsu for a tidy profit, assuming they ever wish to.

Coming to a Platform Near You

The best part of all of this is that we're already hard at work turning the Kitsumon metaverse into a playable reality. And we expect to begin making various parts of it available to players beginning in 2022. As the year goes on, we're going to keep adding features, culminating in the release of a sandbox open-world builder that players can use to build a Kitsumon world of their own.

In other words, 2022 is going to be an exciting year for us – and we hope – the millions of gamers we expect to reach with our unique gaming concept. And as the Kitsumon community grows, we envision it as a place where gamers will gather to have fun their way. That means we foresee a community filled with breeders, trainers, workers, and traders. All of them feeding a massive game economy that belongs to the players alone. We hope to see you there. Your land in the Kitsumon metaverse awaits.

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