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Keep Your Plants Alive Using AI

by Alesia ChumakovaApril 19th, 2022
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AI transforms you from a novice plant owner into a professional who knows all the ins and outs of plant care.
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How successful was your plant care experience? If someone gifted you a plant and you didn’t kill it, then you are lucky. The plants that I receive as presents very quickly begin to turn yellow, droop, and eventually die. Obviously, killing them is not my goal. On the contrary, I water them, provide them with sunlight, and cut off dry leaves from time to time. For a long time, I was sure that growing plants is not my forte and it is better to forget about greenery in the house. Fortunately, today there are solutions to help inexperienced gardeners improve their plant care skills.

Many have a habit of looking for a solution to their problem in the form of an application on the App Store. Houseplant care is no exception. The App Store offers you an array of apps that help you grow flowers, cacti, trees—any greenery that will bring you joy at home and in your garden. Such applications are often powered by AI technology, providing you with the world's best plant care assistant in your phone. All you need to do is follow the recommendations. Let’s take a look at what issues AI is solving today so that your Monstera, orchid, or Kalanchoe keeps blooming and feels great.

Plant Identification

When you buy a plant in a store, the shop consultant tells you a lot of useful information about your new green friend: where it usually grows, what climate it prefers, how often it needs to be watered, fertilized, repotted, and what kind of lighting would be ideal for it. Most likely, you will not remember everything and then spend a lot of time finding the necessary information on the Internet. If you were gifted a plant, then it will take even more time to study all of its requirements.

AI-powered plant apps find answers to all questions in seconds. You take a photo of a plant or upload it from the phone and get a detailed description of the plant on your screen. Some applications, such as NatureID, also provide their users with care guides that contain recommendations on how to water, fertilize, and how much sunlight a plant needs.

AI transforms you from a novice plant owner into a professional who knows all the ins and outs of plant care. In addition, many apps allow you to set up care notifications. With them, you will never forget when to water or rotate the plant again.

Disease Identification

I don’t know about you, but I’ve often had situations when I followed a plant’s care recommendations, but it still withered. Whenever that happened, I would conduct surveys among my friends, collect ideas about what might be the cause, and try to find a treatment. Several times, I came to the conclusion that I need to reduce watering, but the reasons for the poor condition of other plants remained a mystery to me.

AI solves this problem too. There are apps that can identify diseases in a matter of seconds. You just take a photo and see what diseases your plant may be suffering from according to its symptoms. Once you know the name of the disease, choosing the right treatment for it is a walk in a park. With  an AI-powered plant care ​​assistant, you don’t need to read dozens of articles about plant diseases—the app will provide you with all the information needed to nurse your plant back to health. The NatureID app has become an incredible doctor to my plants, but there are plenty of disease identifiers to choose from on the App Store, so you will definitely find one that suits your taste.

Pest Identification

This year, I had to deal with a fungus gnat infestation. These tiny insects flew around my cacti, crawled all over the flowerpots, soil, even my table, and if I read a book next to the plants, they could fall onto the pages. In those moments, I felt helpless. I took good care of my plants, watered them, protected them from the cat, and they still got infested with gnats. Out of habit, I opened the App Store. It turned out that insects can also be identified using a mobile application. Just like with plants, AI is quite good at recognizing pests. Having learned more about fungus gnats, I got rid of them and saved my beloved cacti.

Creating a Care Plan

If you’re anything like me, you also want to become an ideal plant owner who names each plant and creates a separate care schedule for each one. Each person has their own character and body features, and plants of the same species may have different needs. Understanding them and taking all of them into account when planning a care routine is a challenge for me. Until recently, the only solution to this problem I could think of was paying for a consultation with a professional botanist. But I found out that AI can help here too. AI-powered plant care apps can do the impossible: they draw up an individual plan for a plant based on its growing conditions and characteristics such as location, pot size, height, as well as watering and fertilizing frequency. Thanks to AI, I can get closer to perfection in terms of plant care, boast of my healthy plants, and decorate my home with magnificent greenery.

If you haven't tried AI-based plant care apps yet, I highly recommend checking them out on the App Store. They become indispensable helpers for those who want to decorate their home and become a good plant parent. If you think that any plant is doomed in your care, download an AI assistant and see how quickly you can become a plant care pro.