JUST LAUNCHED: Startups of the Year!!! by@kien

JUST LAUNCHED: Startups of the Year!!!

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(Your boy spent 37 hours making this video so please share 🥺 👉👈)

Who will be your city's startup of the year? Vote now at: https://startups.hackernoon.com/

Let’s recognize those who not only survived but thrived through 2021. Let’s get behind those who backed us through a pandemic. Let’s nominate the very best in business, and then, let’s put it to a vote - because remember: Democracy Good, Jeff Bezos Bad.

Full announcement Post: Vote Now for the Worldwide Web Startups of the Year 2021.

Find trending startups everywhere around the globe:

Big Thanks to our Headline Sponsors! Brex, ByBit and Blockster.

Learn more: https://startups.hackernoon.com/faq
Nominate and Vote today! https://startups.hackernoon.com/


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