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Jump Start to Artificial Intelligence.

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We are writing this blog to motivate all developer towards artificial intelligence and while reading this blog just removes the complex that A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is tough, difficult and blah, blah, blah. So now, we will explore the whole new world of artificial intelligence.

So, what is artificial intelligence? hmm. that’s the tricky question. We are not going to make things complicated, So A.I. is a machine which solves your real-life problem without getting any humans involved in it, or to be specific we can say that a software which is like a small child which needs some training and after that it is capable of solving your real-life problems.

And if you want a specific definition by Alan Turing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans. Now, artificial intelligence is a big tree which has many branches to study and specialize with it. I will not go into the depth of those topics. Below is the image for artificial intelligence tree. Sorry if we miss some topics but, these are the rudimentary branches though there are much more than this you can check out here.



Why we should learn or approach A.I.? Yes, that’s the first question that pops up in our minds. We think, damm man life is going great why we should dig into this complicated topic and get ourselves tangled in A.I. thread, but, this is not complicated at all, in today’s date there are readily available A.I. software that make your AI development easy.


So, you might have watched/read MARVEL and DC comics of Ironman and Batman where they both use A.I. (Jarvis and HARDAC respectively) or IOS users might be using a famous personal assistant SIRI and upcoming Windows Cortana. Don’t you think that they are awesome and cool? A.I. is not only a piece of code, when it executes it is a result of your hard work you have done to build it also now days many IT and Automobile industries are interested in automation, for example Tesla and faraday future company and gaming industries are ruling the minds of youth by implementing/including A.I. in their systems. If you are having some basic programming skill-set, you can develop your own Jarvis, SIRI or Cortona (not perfect as those but yes, workable, and custom A.I. code as per your need) we guess now it sounds somewhat interesting.

As mentioned earlier, we are not going to go in depth. I will introduce the hot topics which are currently in vogue, in automation market or IT industry. Below are the flavors of our interests

· Deep Learning.

· Optimization — Speeding up/ parallelizing stochastic gradient descent, coordinate descent and other gradient-based algorithms.

· Word embeddings.

Note: In this blog we will be focusing on deep learning and rest topics will be discussed in next blog.

Let’s start our short tour.


Deep Learning:

Deep learning is the sweetest flavor of A.I. Also, it is old and got evolved from Machine Learning or we can say it is another branch of machine learning. Deep learning is nothing but an algorithm which is way smarter than shallow machine learning algorithms but harder to train those neural networks. Examples of deep learning are Google’s self-driven car, face recognition, SIRI, Cortana personal assistant all those are developed using deep learning algorithm also newly introduced Amazon Go stores includes deep learning.


So, how does it work?


Image to left implies that how neurons are present in human brain and image to right shows how it is developed using A.I. algorithms so, deep learning also includes neural network but has more complex structure. We can observe that there are two neuron cells which are connected using axon which passes electric signal for any movement of our muscles. Similar to that we create neuron structures which are inter connected and mimics the human brain.

Due to deep learning, it has become possible to implement many practical applications of Machine Learning. Deep Learning breaks down tasks in ways that make all kinds of machine assists seem possible, even likely. Driverless cars, better preventive healthcare, even better movie recommendations, are all here today or on the horizon. AI is the present and the future. With Deep Learning’s help, AI may even get to that science fiction state we’ve so long imagined. You have a (C-3PO), I’ll take it. You can keep your Terminator (for more you can read it on Nvidia ).

That’s all folks

So, topics above mentioned was trending in AI field where, deep learning is adopted by many automobile industries and leading e-commerce sites for example, Faradays Future and Amazon respectively. You can try some deep learning concept by implementing AI by small pieces of code or there are also software available such as Neuroph, Matlab Neural Network, using them you can test your AI logic and Neural Networks. We will be continuing remaining topics in next blog soon, till then happy coding.

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