Join us for ARKitchen: Cooking up product concepts around Apple’s new ARKit

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@jacobJacob Mullins

Apple ARKit

I couldn’t be more excited about the huge advances happening in the Camera right now, and the developer platforms surrounding it, Facebook Camera Effects, Google Lens and Apple ARKit.

My friends Peter Rojas at Betaworks Ventures, Don Stein at Candela Paramount and I, at Shasta Ventures, are constantly batting around fun product concepts and company ideas that will emerge from this mobile AR ecosystem. As a result, and as inspired by @madewithARKit on Twitter, we thought it may be fun to hold an open office hours concept to meet entrepreneurs on the leading edge and provide product and fundraising feedback in these early days.

So, we’d like to invite you to join Peter, Don and me for an afternoon of “Office Hours” sessions on July 27 here at the Shasta Ventures office in San Francisco. [UPDATE: We are doing a second AR Kitchen on Aug 24, please apply here!]

Consider this an “all call” for creators, builders, developers and entrepreneurs who are playing around with ARKit today and who are interested in sharing their concepts, and gaining some feedback on their products and fundraising strategy, and generally talking shop about the future of AR and the #camerafirst world.

We have a limited number of time slots, so if you’re interested please apply here [UPDATE: This link has been updated for our 2nd AR Kitchen on Aug 24, hope to see you then!] to share a little bit more about what you’re doing. We look forward to hearing from you!

— I’m actively investing in the 3D world including Computer Vision, Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, AI / machine learning and #camerafirst applications at Shasta Ventures. Please get in touch if you’re building something great in the space. And consider joining us — or speaking! — at one of our upcoming VR Tuesday meet ups. Also I’m on Twitter @jacob.



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