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Join the Silent Revolution of WEB 3

by Lucien LecarmeMarch 22nd, 2022
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Where Facebook turned itself against humanity, Blockchain-based social media technology that rewards your online value with a token is spreading like wildfire. Here’s what you’ve been missing out on and how to join the unstoppable peer to peer tokenized social media revolution.

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Become part of the unstoppable WEB 3.0 movement

Meta’s Web 2 house of cards is falling apart and the Metaverse won’t be the savior for humanity.

Meanwhile, an unprecedented buzz is filling feeds everywhere like its February 2004 all over again. In that year, a bunch of rejected nerds in Massachusetts created an online book of faces to down-vote girls on the Cambridge campus.

This time we ain’t going centralized baby.

It’s rather symbolic that the real geniuses behind Facebook, Cameron and Tylor Winklevoss, turned left where Mark Zuckerberg ran right.

The Winklevoss brothers built their Bitcoin & NFT empire choosing the future, where Zuckerberg is about to be crushed by the weight of his centralized META profit model, not giving a Zuckbuck about his users.

Where Facebook turned itself against humanity, Blockchain-based social media technology that rewards your online value with a token is spreading like wildfire.

Here’s what you’ve been missing out on and how to join the unstoppable peer-to-peer tokenized social media revolution.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 1 was simply debuting online, making websites to sell stuff and the good old times of 15 search engines like Yahoo, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves and Google.

Web 2 was middlemen sneaking in to stand in between you and your followers/clients/costumers/search results. They became the frightful 5; Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple.

The result of a predatory capital-funded killer mentality in a game to lend as much money as possible, buy as many competitors, be in the red for years and only have one goal in mind; To become a big tech alpha male. A vertical market leader eating away all competition, solely to celebrate billions flooding in for you & your CEO hedge fund friends.

This non-ethical destructive crony capitalist attitude is slowly but surely coming to its organic end since humanity is waking up to the waste it threw back on us and is getting sick of its perverse objectives by;

  • Causing an unmet social media and screen addiction by maximizing time on sight through clever A.I-driven limbical hijacks
  • Facilitating a fake influencer culture that ruined the self-image of young people worldwide, leading to suicides and other disasters. Happily this week a group of attorneys in the U.S is researching Tik Tok for violating consumer protection laws and putting the public at risk.
  • Social platforms literally stealing your time, followers and clients and making you pay to connect back to all of it again
  • Making you a product while flushing your humanity down the toilet
  • Big tech has become more powerful than nation-states resulting in the feudal tech lords Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg and Gates getting $220 billion richer in 2020 alone, becoming a threat to democratic processes worldwide
  • The bribing (known as lobbying) of legislation and Government watchdogs left and right to silently built a pyramid monopoly

Web 3.0 is solving all of this through just one epic invention. Blockchain tech pushed by the movement of decentralization.

Masses of people are waking up to the dangers of a totalitarian digital layer of control that uses the same tech that collected our likes on cat videos but now seemingly is turning against us simply because tech in the wrong hands has dangerous anti-human potential.

Just look at the bad guys in most of the recent James Bond movies and you get the gist.

The promise of Web 3

A Blockchain is about transparency. It cuts out nasty middlemen that forgot that users make the platform and clients make their business.

They think they’re the Gods and we the slaves. They’re wrong.

Corruption is all about non-transparency. It’s parasites sucking out your data and attention while keeping you hooked on things you don’t really need.

Web 3.0 has the ability to invite you to a peer to peer playground where we’re all equal. Leaving the parasites to starve.

Are you ready?

It has a few consequences.

  • You are responsible for your content, your value, your reputation. It’s suddenly now all yours.

  • You need to learn the basics of Blockchain. Read this to start

  • You need to learn the basics of cryptocurrencies and wallets. Learn more here

  • You need to accept that you are your own customer service. There are no fancy chat boxes helping you 24/7.

  • You need to discern the good projects from the scams that use this new revolution to steal your money overnight. Learn more here.

  • Community creation is more important than money creation. Put your focus on getting rich-quick on pause and enjoy the connection of rising online communities that can bring your a bigger value than solely money

  • When you’re a developer or coder, this is your golden time when you can build apps on web3

  • When you’re a content creator, this is your moment of fame with the content being forever yours and your followers won't be hijacked behind a paywall overnight

  • You need to be ready for this new paradigm

Ready player one?

Is BitClout paving the way as new WEB 3 based social media?

There is a lot of buzz around BitClout. It’s just one of the many examples of how WEB 3.0 works.

Bitclout is ticking most of the green boxes for being a neutral, peer to peer, social media platform on the so-called #DESO Blockchain.

The sexiest thing is that it makes you buy your own token, literally investing in your online value. And others can too. BitClout is the first decentralized online marketplace for content creators and app builders where online reputation became tradable in users’ native tokens.

Founder Nader main focus is growing the #DESO Blockchain, not facilitating new fake influencers Mecca with him being on top of the token food chain. In this podcast, you can clearly see it's not about his ego nor only pleasing his investors. In fact, this blog is run by an angel investor in #DESO, all very transparent.

In a network economy driven by blockchain tech, the more people buy the #DESO token and use the apps built on the blockchain, the more secure and strong it gets. That’s the proof of stake mechanism. Learn more about that here.

Basically, Diamondhands is saying;

I created a blockchain that can do things necessary for a social media platform to run on it, and now it's up to you. In fact, another social media platform can be built on top of #DESO in the future.

It’s all decentralized baby.

On Bitclout, you can mine your first NFT. It’s easier than opening your laptop.

BitClout is causing millennials to jump en masse from the sinking Facebook titanic. And others too. In July 2021, the platform had 300.000 subscribers. I can only imagine that number at least doubled or tripled now.

Here is how NFTs can play a positive role in the Web 3 revolution, beyond the mega bubble it is today.

How NFT’s play a positive role in WEB3’s peer-2-peer economy

Web 3 is by its nature decentralized and self-governing with peer-to-peer platforms at its center. Its core value, the underlying blockchain is expressed in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Just imagine any industry where middlemen became the gatekeepers. Think Spotify for a moment.

Imagine a world where every artist has the power to communicate directly with fans, collectors and other artists. Imagine every song of a musician to be an NFT.

Now, musicians receive breadcrumbs on a platform like Spotify that completely monopolized the complete global music industry. They have become the AIRBNB for music and nobody checks in your hotel of songs anymore without it.

This is about to massively change.

NFTs were first discovered by the art scene that suffered massively on the silencing of the Arts in the Covid years. Artists were biting their nails at home through the closure of Galleries and Museums. Literally, everything went online, including art. NFT’s made it way easier and sexier to reach a new tech-savvy audience in a direct and easy way.

Web 3 facilitates every artist to take his or her power back.

More or less centralized services that function as music curators will appear in this future NFT landscape. Will new Spotifies in Web 3 spoil everything again?

I believe individual artists such as content creators, musicians, DJs, writers, painters, video & visual artists and the like will always find creative ways to reach their audience, with NFTs as a revolutionary tool and Web 3 as their backdoor to bypass any new centralized attempt to spoil the fun of digital freedom.


Web 3 is people taking their power back digitally.

With awareness comes responsibility. Any decentralized tokenized landscape built on a blockchain makes you responsible for your money, value, content, and relationship with the community.

In Web 3, at first, the Blockchain is more important than the products, or apps, running on them. The first task is to secure the Blockchain with having enough transactions to solidify the proof of stake mechanism.

Then comes the fun.

Hundreds of apps are already built on #DESO, BitClouts native Blockchain. As a content creator, I especially like CloutPub, a place where I publish content. On this new platform, I have 100% guaranteed access to all of my followers, forever.

This invisible algorithmically driven force that sucked away from your attention on Facebook, while you needed to give it more and more money to reach your followers and clients will soon be from the past.

That’s a true revolution in itself. However, BitClout and other new projects are not the future yet.

We are.

Tech is always a mirror of our own spiritual development and ability to work together to bring real change to humanity. Full transparency without control is only possible when we grow into unity again with open communication systems, relying on good faith communication, wanting to learn from each other, not cancelling every mind with a different view.

That’s a longer roadmap than the current buzz around NFTs and Web 3.0. I’m very confident that the future will be decentralized serving humanity to thrive.

Lucien Lecarme