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Is Your Relationship Status With Google “Complicated?”

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@the-dudeDexter S. Spear

Google is a cruel mistress for many marketers. Just like in a relationship, marketing with search engines constantly changes and requires extreme attention to detail. With each algorithm change, the “person you once knew” changes almost overnight. Google used to love your website, now you are yesterday’s news and on the last page of Google. So, to solve this problem we are going to take a relationship approach to work
with search engines
to help keep your relationship healthy and growing.

How to Reignite the Spark with Google

So, you have been doing the same old link building campaign for years. You constantly use the same sources over and over again and well…. it’s starting to get boring to Google. In fact, as Google ages, it’s starting to realize it wants other things in life…social signals, spin-free content, diversity in links and anchor text. In order to keep your relationship exciting, you are going to need to get with the times and spice things up. Look into the latest changes online such as the growing power of social media and employ a powerful social media campaign and use social signals such as retweets to help your rankings. But don’t forget the things that Google originally fell in love with you for, keep building your original link strategies but add in new things constantly. Every time Google changes its algorithm or a new link building platform develops, utilize it quickly to keep things fresh and interesting.

Become a More “Interesting” Person or Business

It’s pretty easy to get bored with a person or business that doesn’t change or grow on an intellectual or economic level. If your website hasn’t been updated in years, you haven’t released new products or useful information – then you and your business are BORING. Remember to consistently update your website blog with new posts that are useful and provide valuable information to visitors. Continue to improve the functionality of the website for both search engines and visitors by optimizing landing pages and resources. Provide a platform for visitors to interact with your website such as commenting, forums and contact forms. Make sure your website design is highly interactive and visually appealing.

Be a Business of “High Social Value”

Let’s face it, we are all attracted to people of high social value, I mean that’s what the pickup artist community says right? Well, I think Google can agree with this concept. This means you need to build a respectable brand for your company and participate in social networks. Create accounts on the top social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Regularly promote customers to sign up and share your pages with friends, colleagues, and family. Work diligently on getting hundreds and thousands of “friends” that you can market to on a regular basis. Not only does having large social networking accounts help build respect for your company, but it also gives you an invaluable list of potential new and repeats customers to market too.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let Google be the “one” that got away….


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