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Is This a Breakthrough Cure For COVID-19 Coronavirus?

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Sonic resonance is a manifestation of energy that shatters targeted microscopic organisms, and potentially infected Coronavirus cells - without harming surrounding cells.

I should be particularly careful when it comes to discussing cures for Coronavirus, or any medical condition. So I'll start by saying I'm not a doctor, virologist, or biologist. However, I've been studying this field for most of my life. I believe it has potential to treat a very wide range of diseases. This includes the Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19.

I am in no way saying the technology I explain here irrefutably cures any medical condition. But I believe it can, and eventually will, once the technology is properly developed. But use your own personal judgement to determine whether or not what I present is credible.

I believe wholeheartedly this and related technology has awe-inspiring potential. In fact, I believe a cure for COVID-19 is barely the tip of the iceberg. It's a big thing to say, right? But my main limitation to develop it is time. I'm writing this in hopes others, who have the time and resources, follow-up on the work.

Before I continue, I'd like to get a few things off my chest about COVID-19.

How Deadly is Coronavirus?

This is up for debate. But you don't need to be a genius in statistics to understand many cases will likely be unreported. Already the World Health Organization has stated that many cases are mild, with minor symptoms. So it's entirely possible you may have the Coronavirus, and not even be aware. You may feel like you have only a mild cold. If this is the case, assume you have Coronavirus, and isolate yourself from others. Many local authorities suggest only get tested if you have recently been overseas, or been in contact with someone else that has tested positive (due to shortage of test kits).

So far it appears the majority of deaths or serious cases occur with elderly people, or others who are similarly compromised in some way. This includes smokers, who inevitably have less-healthy lungs. If you're currently a smoker, now is a great time to quit. In fact any time is a great time to quit.

Some nations have a higher mortality rate. You may assume this comes from statistical variance. Basically "statistical variance" is the term used to describe events that occur outside the expected odds or frequency. A simple example is the odds of a roulette wheel, where red and black have an equal chance of winning. But after perhaps 100 spins, you probably won't have an equal amount of red and black spins. You can have 40 blacks, and 60 reds (this is excluding the existence of green zero). It doesn't mean red is more likely to win. This is an example of statistical variance.

While we'd expect at least some statistical variance, the difference in mortality rates between countries is large and significant. And perhaps too large to put down to only variance.

Potential Causes of Variance in Mortality Rates

Consider mortality rates of two groups of people jumping out of an aeroplane. Assume each group has 100 people.

  • Group 1 has a mortality rate of 80%.
  • Group 2 has a mortality rate of 10%.

You could say the average mortality rate is 45%. But this would be a clumsy assumption, because it does not include critical variables. The missing variables may not be initially obvious, because of assumptions you may make.

Such missing variables include which subjects:

  • Wore parachutes.
  • Had any training in deploying their parachute.
  • Were hit by another plane on the way down.
  • Jumped from an airborne airplane, or one on the ground.

I'm renowned for arguably stupid examples, but you get my point. There are a lot of things we are missing when addressing the mortality rates of COVID-19. We already know about the age and overall health of the patient. But if we dig deeper, we can consider things like:

  • Specific countries have a higher population of smokers. And these specific countries have significantly more infected citizens.
  • Some cultures may eat specific foods that improve immune systems, and specifically aid the lungs.
  • How many of these deaths would have been prevented, if the virus didn't spread so quickly, and put undue strain on the healthcare system?
  • The quality of health care, and staff training.
  • The accuracy rate of COVID-19 tests.
  • How coroners determine the cause of death.

The list goes on. So ultimately we don't know what the true mortality rate is. There are just too many variables. Simply the more data we have, the more reliable the assessment becomes.

However, at this stage, it appears safe to say the mortality rate (for whatever reason) is significantly higher than the typical flu. But it does not appear so high that we should expect imminent death.

The majority of social distancing rules appear not to completely stop the virus, but more to reduce the strain on the healthcare system (at least that's what we're told). Stopping the virus completely may not realistically be possible, without causing huge global financial problems - although we may already be past that point.

Questionable Death & Infection Rates

Now let's look deeper into the statistics. At such a critical time, you'd expect the authorities to be "on-the-ball" with everything, including accurately reporting statistics. It's no time to be sloppy.

Two obvious problems are:

1. Death rates are exaggerated: The CDC instructed hospitals to list COVID-19 as the "cause of death", even if they assume it contributed to death. That's a bit of a problem because it's clumsy guesswork, and will inevitably inflate figures.

2. The COVID-19 tests have seriously questionable accuracy. Previous reports indicate the false-positive rate was 80%. If this is the case, then from 1,000,000 positive results, 800,000 people aren't actually infected. That just might explain why so many people don't experience any symptoms, and didn't even know they were "infected".

Put these two points together, and you've got a really scary pandemic with so many people infected, and people dying everywhere. At least that's what it leads us to believe.

Before this pandemic: About 8,000 people in the USA died every day, from various causes - completely unrelated to COVID-19.

The scary numbers need to be put into perspective. And we need swift action, but not panic.

It's All About Saving Lives, Right?

The Coronavirus has cost the World TRILLIONS of dollars. Some believe it the debt is so bad that it will pass even to the next generation.

The #1 killer in the world is heart disease. I'm not so sure the governments have spent TRILLIONS on researching heart disease. Or Cancer.

It's kind of like how governments will spend trillions fighting terrorism, in other countries, when terrorism kills relatively few people. Between 1994 and 2003, there were 3064 deaths from terrorism. That's around 350 deaths per year.

Don't get me wrong here. Terrorism is disgusting and must be fought. But can anyone honestly look at these statistics, and say it's all about saying lives?

Is Coronavirus a New World Order Conspiracy?

If the Coronavirus ends with a strong push towards a global cashless digital currency, greater digital surveillance, and greater centralized control of the World's population, it would certainly be questionable.

Refer to my article about the New World Order (which Google has censored), and distinguishing between conspiracy fact vs conspiracy nonsense. Wild and incorrect conspiracies are harmful. But dismissing real conspiracies, just because some people believe in "Flat Earth", is even more harmful.

Yes, real conspiracies exist. But I'm not aware of any solid evidence to suggest Coronavirus was released on-purpose, as part of a conspiracy. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. There have been claims from qualified people who say the virus was engineered. And there have been counter-arguments from other qualified people. I believe likely us ordinary people will probably never know the truth.

But at the very least, some groups will benefit from Coronavirus. It certainly cleared up the protests in Hong Kong, didn't it? The protests weren't going anywhere, and weren't achieving much anyway. Hong Kong was arguably in a civil war. Not anymore. At least for now.

Furthermore, I believe clearly specific groups and organizations are attempting to "profiteer" from the outbreak - just as some groups inevitably attempt to do during wars. And I'm not talking about people selling over-priced toilet paper. Often their actions are not in our best interests. So we need to be aware of any changes that we may hastily make in panic, and the long-term ramifications.

One thing I'm particularly watching very closely is how the global financial problems are resolved. I suspect that it will lead to greater centralization of banking and finance. If that's the case, then I suggest we all back right off from that. Centralization is convenient, IF the central power can be trusted. But I don't believe any central authority can or should be trusted, especially with something that affects everyone. There's just too much potential for abuse.

Put another way: Keep in mind the USA government alone has spent TRILLIONS of tax-payer's money they can't account for. They claim they don't even know where it went. Imagine if you were being audited by the IRS and gave them that excuse. Again, we're talking about TRILLIONS. And again, we're talking about the organizations that made the laws they expect us to follow, and are expected to follow best. Why isn't at least someone in jail for a very, very long time?

So do you trust people like this with absolute power to do the right thing by you, especially when they can so easily avoid an audit or just say "we don't know where your money went, and there's nothing you can do about it"?

I didn't think so.

In 2001, the USA government declared it "misplaced" $2.3 TRILLION of taxpayer money. Whether it's conspiracy, or incomprehensible incompetence, obviously they can't be trusted with our money.

Put yet another way: Do you think a computer database is more robust and resistant to hacking if it's centralized, or decentralized? So should we be pushing towards centralization, or decentralization. It's pretty obvious:

Centralization = weaker and more vulnerable to collapse and corruption.

Decentralization = stronger and less vulnerable to collapse and corruption.

Now that I've gotten these things off my chest, I'll discuss what may be a breakthrough cure for many diseases - not just Coronavirus.

Using Sound Resonance To Destroy Disease

Sound can easily shatter glass if the resonant frequency is used. You may have seen opera singers shatter a wine glass with only their voice. This is possible not just because they have a loud voice, although that's part of it. It is achieved with the right sound pitch (frequency) that shakes apart the glass.

Similarly, every object has a resonant frequency. But most ordinary objects aren't as fragile as a wine glass.

There is evidence that ancient civilizations used sound and vibration for medical treatments. No, it's not just hippie-talk. Yes, there are many so-called new-age healers that claim to heal with all kinds of apparently bizarre technologies, including sound. And many of these people may be snake-oil salesman. However, some people may just not be doing it right. So should we be so quick to dismiss an approach as quackery?

TED Talk about using sound resonance to destroy cancer and diseased cells

Have a close look at this:

I'm a big believer that if I can't physically see something work, or have some kind of verifiable proof, I won't believe it. You could say I have a scientific mind, and an open mind. I believe by definition, a scientific mind should be an open mind. We don't know everything. Just consider how much we as a species have learned in the last 100 years, and how quickly we're evolving. Even the rate at which we're learning is increasing.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

It's not just hippies that talk about frequency and vibration. So did Tesla - the man responsible for technology we use every day. The genius of Tesla was (until recently) mostly forgotten. His achievements are gradually becoming better understood in modern times.

There are many more notable inventors who speak of frequency and vibration being the key. Another is Raymond Rife, who claimed he could cure cancer using vibrations. If you rely on Wikipedia, you'd believe his claims were fraudulent. Were they? It's not something we can easily determine, because we'd realistically need his complete technology to know.

I believe it's more important to know whether or not his approach has merit. This is because often development of critical technology begins with PROOF OF CONCEPT. And there's no shortage of proof of concept.

On the note of Wikipedia: I'm no fan of Wikipedia because I know from my own experience, with matters I know to be fact, that Wikipedia is prone to inaccuracy. And I've personally found its editors to be incredibly biased, for whatever reason.

Why I Believe Sound Can Heal Almost All Disease

At first it may be hard to get your head around how something as common as sound can have such far-reaching implications. You'll need to do through research to better understand it, but here's a start:

1. Everything is energy and vibration in constant motion.

This constant motion is only possible with vibration. Nothing is static. This means all form is vibrating and pulsing energy. Even with our current model of atomic particles, there is an orbit, which is frequency and vibration. You may be also familiar with string theory, which is just another interpretation of "everything is energy and vibration".

2. Sound is just one manifestation of frequency and vibration.

You need to stop perceiving sound as something we merely hear. It is energy and vibration. It can therefore be manipulated and used for various purposes. Even light and radiation is energetic vibration. All energy comes down to some form of vibration. Also consider that daylight may be "just light". But it grows our food. It runs our planet. Normal daylight may not burn paper. But focus it with a magnifying glass, and it will. Or consider what a beam of laser light can do.

3. Ancient civilizations appear to have used sound technology for healing too.

Ancient doesn't mean inferior. We're not the most advanced we've ever been. You can do your own research on this. There's ample evidence to indicate ancient civilizations used sound for many purposes. For example, whoever constructed the pyramids in Egypt clearly used tools to cut and shape building blocks. Dig deeper and you'll conclude it appears to have been done with resonant sound frequencies.

Watch these two videos:

4. Sound resonance can shatter anything

All you need is the right pitch and intensity. All "form" comes from frequency and vibration, including living cells. Anything that is living or biological can be "disassembled" by similar forces.

Remember, we are not talking hocus-pocus here. It's simple resonance, but on a different scale. The "proof of concept" is clear.

5. Every cell in your body can be manipulated by frequency and vibration.

Harmonic vibrations strengthen "form". Dis-harmonic frequencies can destroy form, like radiation from mobile phones. Also see the above videos and see how sound frequencies create form in sand.

The destruction of "form" of living cells is cancer, otherwise considered to be "damaged DNA". I believe clearly all disease comes from some form of disharmony, whether it be from toxins, genes or whatever. There are many things that can cause disharmony and cancer.

It doesn't mean you can listen to Mozart and be cured of cancer. At the very least, there is sufficient evidence harmonic music can improve your health, and even improve the structure of water (which we owe our existence to). So think of sound healing technologies to be more like an advanced version of using music for better health. It's just on a bigger scale. Keep in mind my example of ordinary light vs laser light.

Where To From Here?

While it's everywhere on the news now, Coronavirus will eventually become something that happened some time ago. There will be a heavy toll to pay. There already is. Big businesses like banks and casinos will survive. Mostly common people and smaller businesses will be affected. the middle-class will probably be most affected; expanding the difference between rich and poor.

Still I have little doubt we as a species will overcome it. We've overcome much worse. Clearly we all need to do our part in reducing its spread. The same goes for any disease.

I believe the major and longer-lasting impact will be global finances, not the virus itself. That's a whole other topic. It may appear we're headed for financial catastrophe. In some ways, we're already there. But there's much more to the story. Some of the questions are:

1. What changes will we be pushed into, to apparently avoid disaster?

2. Was there already a financial catastrophe, and Coronavirus is a convenient excuse?

3. Who will be the greatest winners and loses from the changes?

While I believe sound technology has the ability to heal a broad range of diseases, I also believe it's a technology that has even more uses, which we'll "rediscover" in time.

If you in any capacity have the resources or capability to conduct related research, remember to think of the universe in terms of frequency and vibration.

And remember, decentralization of power is perhaps the best way to avoid tyranny. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is something we must keep in mind, in any crisis.

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