Is a Career in Game Development Right for You? by@solverit

Is a Career in Game Development Right for You?

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If you want to become a game developer, start by focusing on general programming skills and writing clean, high-quality code. Don't rush to create a billion-dollar game; instead, aim to grow as a developer. Prioritize learning concepts like clean code, clean architecture, ECS, SOLID, KISS, OOP, algorithms, and data structures. Consider getting an internship at a game studio or self-study to gain experience. Choose a programming language like C#, Java, JavaScript, Lua, or Python, depending on your goals. Learning technical English is crucial as most programming resources are in English. Decide if you want to work on single-player or multiplayer games. Start with small projects to build experience and gradually increase complexity. Choose your tools, learn the programming language first, then move on to game engines. Consider releasing your first game on platforms like or web portals. Avoid "no-code" approaches and remember to have fun – passion is crucial in game development.

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