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IoT: Is Data Beyond Ethics?

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Over the last decade, the Internet of Things has been delivering heaps of data and remote device control across virtually every industry, from healthcare to hospitality.

Today, IoT is a new paradigm touted to be the new stage in the information evolution with eventual societal transformation that will challenge the Internet itselfConnected devices have already taken over the world and accounts for over 10 billion IoT connected hardware.

But let’s step back a little bit here and look beyond the fine print. If we read between the lines in any IoT-related article, there is a huge red flagflying tacked to the IoT revolution - a conveyor-belt of ethical issues.

Namely, security and privacy are among the top frequently raised ethical concerns developers see in IoT.From smart security cameras sending stills from other people’s homes to who-knows-where, to baby monitors being hacked, there are a myriad examples of IoT devices that sport dismal security.

On the heels of privacy breaches, a staggering number of IoT-powered devices have little to no robust information security. And might we remind you that informational security has instrumental value as it safeguards other moral values as well.

So, the underlying problem here is that smartphones may exchange data with remote and obscure data receivers. And these can process the data and circulate the final results bona fide and without the user’s consent. (We see you, smart TVs).

And at the height of it all, the Internet of Things can become a headwind force in closing the gap between the rich and poor. Unintentionally, this innovative technology can stack the deck against certain groups of people that still do not have Internet access.

There are many regions and lower-income families that do not have Wi-Fi and hardware, so they will not be able to take advantage of the IoT benefits.

If we recognize these issues ahead of time and act on them, there is a strong likelihood that we’ll have the opportunity to prevent the ethical dilemmas that accompany this technology.


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