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"Investors Expect a Company to Own Its IP," Josh Ephraim, Attorney (AMA)

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Josh Ephraim is startup attorney and associate at Gunderson Dettmer, where he specializes in the representation of emerging growth companies throughout the corporate lifecycle. In Ask Me Anything session with Hacker Noon community, Josh shared his expertise on startups scene, startups legal issues and more!

Here are his top 3 answers gathered for you, all in one place:

1. What is the best state to found a tech startup in?

"In the US at least, I think talent is the limiting factor assuming you plan to have the team in person. It's hard to beat SF, Silicon Valley, LA, Boston, NY, Denver etc."

2. How important is Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement ?

"My favorite question so far! It's really important to have every service provider assign the IP they work on to the company. Ultimately investors and eventually an acquirer will expect that the company owns all IP that is uses."

3. On the best part of startup attorney job

"My favorite part is helping advise clients evaluate risk and make tough decisions where there isn't a black and white answer or just a "correct" way to do something. It's fun being a thought partner with founders and CEOs!"

Check the full AMA here.

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