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Introducing Multi-Languages by Flamelink, the Firebase CMS.

Photo by Brett Zeck on Unsplash

We’ve been flying under the radar for the last couple of months over at Flamelink HQ, hard at work optimising our app and generally trying to give our users the best experience possible.

We’ve also been tinkering away at a brand spanking new feature that we believe is going to be adding a lot of value to your Flamelink and Firebase projects. (And one of the most requested features by our Flamelink community - after Firestore support.)

Introducing Multi-Languages by Flamelink.

From 7 March 2019, you’ll be able to build your Firebase and Flamelink projects in Any Language You Can Think Of with Flamelink’s Multi-Language feature.

Upload your content in one central place, then only query the specific language/languages you require - instead of creating two or more separate projects and trying to keep track of which language you’ve updated what content for. Simples.

How Will This Help You And Your Project?

  1. Flamelink’s Multi-Language feature lets you innovate by creating Multilingual apps / sites to reach a global audience, taking your project to a whole new market.
  2. Create environment specific content by publishing unique content across multiple platforms, giving your end users a bespoke user experience.
  3. Build more diverse teams by finally letting that dude that speaks flawless Quenya join your team. I’m not too sure how that would work for you, but it’s nice to know that you now have those kinds of options.

How to Get Multi-Languages by Flamelink

The Multi-Languages feature is available on the Firestarter Plan. Get up to any 3 languages right out the box for only $25 per month, plus all the other amazing features that come with Flamelink’s Firestarter plan.

Sign up or upgrade to Flamelink’s Firestarter plan now.

As always, if you need any assistance, feel free to get in touch with us.

’Til next time.

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