Building a Fundraising Platform with Firebase &, a Firebase CMS. by@jasonmsaidwhat
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Building a Fundraising Platform with Firebase &, a Firebase CMS.

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react to story with heart is a Firebase CMS with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface built to make managing content in your Firebase projects effortless. In this article, we discuss how we utilised Firebase & Flamelink to build a great looking, simple-to-use Fundraising platform for the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

The Opportunity.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of the premier races on the cycling calendar attracting as many as 35 000 cyclists from all over the world to take part in the world’s largest individually timed cycle race.

This grueling 110km race provided an opportunity to get cyclists to pedal for a cause, and raise funds for their favourite local charity.

The Challenge.

Most fundraising platforms have poor user experiences and visual presentations, and often come with a tedious sign-up process. This, coupled with the added hassle of chasing sponsors after the race to ensure donation got to the causes, make for an off-putting experience of trying to raise funds for charity.

The Solution.

The CTCT Fundracers platform makes it easy to sign up, share your profile with your loved ones and easily receive donations directly to the cause of their choice, easily and securely.

Utilising Firebase Authentication Modules to create user profiles and Cloud Functions to integrate a payment gateway to make it easier to raise funds via the platform, Firebase allowed our team to spin up a backend quicker than usual. And because Firebase and Flamelink are FrontEnd agnostic we built the Cape Town Cycle Tour Fundracer platform in the latest Angular framework giving the site a modern look and feel, without it being held hostage to predetermined templates and designs.

The Result.

The combination of Firebase and Flamelink allowed us to build a robust, secure and scalable fundraising platform, with an easy-to-use interface to effortlessly manage content. With the core functionality and features of The Fundracers platform in place, this could easily be reset and updated for future races and other sporting events that required a fundraising platform.

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