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The agenda of Swiss-based investor Nicolas Durr is scheduled by the minute. His life consists of a string of cars, aeroplanes, and trains that take him to the most different corners of the world with the mission to solve the essential issues faced by novice and experienced investors. The interview is scheduled for a Friday afternoon in a typical swiss-style restaurant; a lovely centrepiece of Zürich old town. We are met by an elegant, calm gentleman, which seems unusual since we know this mobile businessman already had three meetings prior to this interview. "You must be very tired." – involuntarily escapes from one of us. "I won't give you that pleasure!" Nicolas replies with a laugh of amusement. Even such a ridiculous question didn't seem to distract a person who was focused on much more important matters. Nicolas Durr gives the impression of a very cool-headed and private person. Still, behind this lies a dedicated and selfless enthusiast, who's current mission is to bring together modern solutions for high profit and low-risk automated investing trading.

Hello Nicolas, and thank you for taking the time! We've already heard and read a lot of exciting things about the company you founded, yet so little has been written about you. That's not fair, in our opinion. Please, tell us about your professional background and how you came to create the reason we're here today – Praem Capital.

"Well, since you started our meeting by asking if I'm tired, I must object, says Nicolas, pleasantly smiling. I'm only 57, which is considered young by modern standards, but I'm not really socially active, as they call it. It's just not my thing. I have worked in Europe and Australia, leading large-scale projects and holding senior positions in the BMS industry. Currently, I'm based here, in wonderful Switzerland. Each year, I aim to expand my geographical presence and explore new markets. If you keep learning, you'll know that life is a series of new starts that make you wiser and stronger, so after receiving a PhD degree in Relational Database Management, I sought to discover more ways to increase the framework of my skills. I believe I gained invaluable experience working with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and implemented new inimitable technological solutions for some blockchain projects. Later, me and my team came up with the idea of creating an innovative investment method. And I guess that's the main reason why we're here doing this interview."

That's an impressive background, indeed! And you are entirely right! Please tell us more about your unique investment method. It already sounds intriguing!

"This method aims at solving some of the most significant issues facing any investor from the fresh beginner to the savviest. This idea is about intelligent investment, realized through technology that uses Artificial Intelligence. Hedging risks and reducing or eliminating human error in trading by using complex algorithms and quite exciting solutions lead to noticeably higher investor profits. Praem Capital follows these principles and can solve the hardest problems faced by modern investors, such as asset unification, lack of experience and knowledge, excessive emotionality, ineffective strategic decisions, small start-up capital, and the fear of losing money, among others".

Now it's evident that technology plays an imperative role in your life and Praem Capital. Not all investors can understand the complexity and need for technology for trading purposes. How exactly can innovation and Artificial Intelligence help you achieve your goals? How did you come up with a seemingly risk-free investment formula?

"It's really all about how different technologies can, and must, complement each other! It is necessary to indicate the exact tasks of certain technologies and how they can be useful for your goals. I understand your question, however, because, by far, not everything can be solved by technology. Sometimes tools work separately; sometimes together. Either way, one can solve many problems, but "risk-free"? Risks, unfortunately, are impossible to eliminate completely. In 2019 we had a turning point,  since we understood that our technologies would minimize risks, but our goal was and remains to provide the most secure and wise investment solutions. We had to create a system, which we now call the “Secure investment concept”. The idea is that when people trade with leverage, sometimes there are situations that are called “Trading dips”. Very often, these dips result in capital loss. This means we had to find a financing partner, who would be interested in joining Praem to help protect investors’ trading balances with liquidity. As you can guess, potential financing partners needed guarantees, so at first we had a hard time. Then, Praem Capital entered into a partnership with the Luxembourg Hedge Fund. Our agreement provides a balance of insurance in risky situations that do not have universal technical solutions, which excludes the possibility of capital loss and allows to solve the problem with benefits for all parties involved. This way, we get to combine advanced technologies with trading dip insurance, which quasi eliminates investment risks. It’s really all transparent, so I invite all those interested to read about the details on our official website, and, especially, our whitepaper". 

From various respectful resources, we learned that Praem Capital is about to enter a Crowd sale. This includes tokens, blockchain technology, and all that jazz. Is this true and, if so, we'd like to know more, of course!

"Correct, Praem Capital will soon participate in a public token sale, or crowd sale, call it as you wish. Our next step is integrating a private blockchain – a distributed data storage registry – which will automate processes by synchronizing AI and trading bots. This will make it possible to create complex tasks for multi-level transactions, therefore, implementing cross-niche trading's revolutionary idea. We will also introduce our utility ERC-20 standard PRM token! It will allow investors to access several services until the complete ecosystem is launched. Each user will be able to choose one of six investment plans that include a percentage of interest from income generated by financial instruments, trading dip insurance, and PRM tokens, as an investment guarantee. During the two months of Crowdfunding, investors can update their plans using their increased capital. All investing plans will be valid indefinitely when investors switch to the ready-made ecosystem. Those who will not be able to join Praem Capital during the token sale stage will have an opportunity to purchase a subscription in the future. Also, I must emphasise that Praem Capital's partnership with the hedge fund marks the beginning of the company's B2B technology integration”. 

AI technology is a trend of our time, and many corporations are mastering this technology, and probably many people want to know how it works. Can you tell us more about using Artificial Intelligence for investment and trading purposes?

“Praem Capital combines Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. We started to build various machine learning bots, a shortcut for artificial intelligence algorithms, using a specific type of data sets like social, economic, financial and political data. In our jargon, we say that we “train” data sets. We trained them concurrently and used them to start building an ecosystem, for which we are allocating funds at the moment. Identifying patterns with AI helps us make predictions and then comparing these predictions with what happened in various markets. The accuracy of these predictions allowed us to make valuable recommendations for trading. This is the core of our technology. It’s understandable that even with the best of what technology has to offer, risk zero does not exist, it is like perfection, one can only tend towards it. In 2019 we came closer. I found a solution with which we could ensure uninterrupted performance for our trading tools. Investor’s profit has a double trigger, the PRM token growth and the interest in the financial instrument-generated income. The PRM token price depends on our total capitalization that is composed of transaction excess profit and AI market value. The more transactions the bots execute, the more data the AI acquires for further learning, improving its intelligence, IQ so to speak, therefore gaining market value. This way, we increase capitalization, which benefits our investors, through the increase of our token value”.

Sounds logical. Could you tell us what Praem Capital investors, or partners will gain from joining this interesting journey?

“As I mentioned in my answer to one of the previous questions, after lots of negotiations, we were able to find a partner in 2019. One of my partners had a connection with some officials from a Luxemburger hedge fund. We presented our existing technologies and shared our plans (NDA). We agreed to create a unique, balanced project financing system, with little to no risks for our partners. We provide our partners with 30% of PRM tokens and 50% from the excess profit generated by our financial instruments. Investor funding immediately goes into operation of financial instruments. Alongside this, the fund gives us a budget equivalent to these investments. With an allocated budget, it becomes possible to implement other instruments for development, marketing & partner program, etc”.

Ok, fair enough. And what do you get in return? Are there any affiliate programmes?

“First and foremost, capital security for our investors.  In the fortuitous occurrence of a trading dip hitting -50%, we are able to provide our investors with a 100% balance top-up, in order to cut the dip in half, allowing our financial mechanisms to continue its profitable order execution. It is also important to note the imperative to attract associates for our affiliate business programme. Such partners will be able to attract new players who, in turn, will receive motivating rewards through our ranked and referral programmes. Attracting new investors is valuable from our side because each new person brings their own contribution to the development of AI and each new investment helps honing our technology towards its full potential. We came to the conclusion that introducing affiliates was a great way to increase the will of our existing partners to attract new participants by creating an opportunity to earn not just from the project but also from the partner program”.

Nicolas, thank you for being so open about Praem Capital and your distinctive technologies. For our last question, please tell us what you think the future entails for Praem Capital? What will your next steps be?

"Praem Capital's partnership with the Luxembourg Hedge Fund marks the beginning of the company's B2B technology integration. After the launch of our ecosystem, the next important milestone aimed at the company's growth will be obtaining a FINMA license (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). The company's globalization will allow it to go public (IPO) and realize its next goal – creating the Praem Exchange. I truly believe Praem Capital has an excellent potential for growth and development. We observe how modern technology is changing traditional trading formats and automating all related processes at a high rate. I already explained how the currently available trading instruments aren't protected against operational risks. Praem Capital not only can change lives but also has the potential resources to transform the fundamental approach to the investment market and offers non-trivial digital solutions to the main issues of this industry."