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Install Git on Mac

Before starting, I should note that this is almost directly taken from the Official Git Documentation. The difference is that I am using GIFs to show the two main ways to install Git on Mac.

Option 1

The easiest way to install Git is to install the Xcode Command Line Tools which comes with Git among other things. On Mavericks (10.9) or above you can do this simply by trying to run the git command from the Terminal.

  1. Open a Terminal on your Mac. Now, type the following command into your Terminal.
git --version

If you don’t have git installed already, it will prompt you to install it.

Read and agree to the Command Line Tools License Agreement and you are ready to use Git!

Option 2

  1. Download Git here.

2. Once your download is finished, open the file and go through the installation process.

3. Done!

Learning Git

If you want to learn how to use Git, I suggest you check out either Corey Schafer’s YouTube videos on Git or DataCamp’s free course Introduction to Git for Data Science. If you any questions or thoughts on the tutorial, feel free to reach out in the comments below or through Twitter.

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