Install Deb-Multimedia Repositories on Debian and Kali Linux

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Install Deb-Multimedia Repositories on Debian and Kali Linux. In this tutorial I will share a little bit about how to install and use Deb-Multimedia repos in Debian distributions and their derivatives. 
This repository provides many multimedia packages that are not available in Debian's official repositories. The Deb-Multimedia repository stores more than 742 up-to-date packages. Some popular packages such as Handbrake, VLC, FFmpeg and Kodi are also available. 
How to Install the Deb-Multimedia Repository
first import the repository key to the system.
wget wget
sudo dpkg -i deb-multimedia-keyring_2016.8.1_all.deb
Next, add the Deb Multimedia repository according to the Debian codename you are using. 
For Debian 10 (buster) use the following repository
deb buster main non-free
For other versions, check on the homepage
For Kali Linux Rolling users, also add the Debian Buster repository because there are dependencies from the package in Deb-Multimedia which are only available in the Buster repository and are not available in the Kali Linux repository. 
Example of installing Deb-Multimedia repository on Kali Linux:
deb buster main non-free
deb buster non-free contrib main
Next update the repository with the command
sudo apt update
Now you can install the required packages. For example, here I need a Handbrake package that is not available in the Debian repositories or Kali Linux.
Wait for it to finish.
However, it should be underlined that there are many packages in the Deb-Multimedia repository that have the same name as the packages in the official repositories. This can cause errors when you do system upgrades carelessly.


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