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[Infographic] The State of Conversational AI in 2020

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@IsraelKIsrael Krush

CEO at Hyro

Conversational AI was always poised to take off in 2020. In fact, Gartner predicted that 80% of businesses would implement some sort of conversational interface by the end of this year. With the emergence of COVID-19 came compounded growth for the category - and I wanted to capture just how far we’ve come. So for the conversationally curious out there, I created this infographic that offers a clear depiction of where conversational AI stands at this very moment in time.

In this overview you’ll learn about:

• The different types of conversational AI

• The value and investment behind the technology

• How consumers and businesses are adopting conversational AI

• And more

I've written quite a bit lately on the intersection of COVID-19 and conversational AI across all industries, as well as the use cases that chat and voice technology can fulfill in our new reality. Now, this time around, I wanted to zoom way out to provide a high-level update of where we are, and where we might be heading.

I combed through hundreds of statistics and troves of data to pull out the figures that, in my view, most strongly reflect the state of conversational AI in 2020. 



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