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India Now Ranks 3rd Worldwide With 27 Unicorn Startups

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Unicorn is a term in the business world used to indicate a private startup company that valued over USD 1 billion.

Unicorn companies made an impact on the countryโ€™s economy, if the countries have more number of unicorns startups then definitely those countries do well on the global market.

Every startup has a significant impact on the country's economy, but if the company reaches a milestone like unicorns. Those companies will lead to the sustainable growth of the economy.

Currently, India has 26 unicorn startups which make India is the third biggest in terms of unicorns behind China and the USA.

List of Indian Unicorn Startups 2020

When you closely look at the Industries of each startup they are slightly different than others, it means every company can able to reach the unicorn status.


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