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Increasingly strong and serious competition from Switzerland for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure & Co.

Initiated by Netkom IT Services GmbH, a Swiss based IT and cloud provider with a proven track record of 17 years of successful operations in various countries and one of the cloud pioneers in Europe, n’cloud.swiss AG provides high quality services and products in the field of cloud computing. Founded in 2001 by André Matter, Netkom IT Services GmbH developed early through various consulting mandates and IT projects as a specialist for IT strategy and its implementation in the operational IT infrastructures and organization of the respective customers. The latter were well-known large companies from Switzerland and abroad such as Citibank or ABB Turbo Systems. In the following years, further core competences in the fields of transformation and digitization have been established.

Swiss made alternative to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other major cloud providers

Since small and medium-sized enterprises are generally unable to afford one’s own datacentre infrastructures, Netkom built its own cloud platform for this segment already in 2009 under the name n’cloud. Today, the n’cloud.swiss platform is considered as a serious “Swiss made” alternative to the major cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. With the expertise and experience as a specialist for IT strategy and its implementation in the operational IT infrastructures and organization of the respective customers, n’cloud.swiss AG is expanding on the international level and aiming to provide their products and services to a worldwide market range. Nowadays, cloud computing is the promise of having a modern and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure without the need for substantial capital investments and personnel increases. The cloud market revenue is expected to double in the next three years reaching up to 162 billion USD. Here is where the huge potential of n’cloud.swiss AG of establishing as a Swiss/European alternative to the leading cloud providers becomes clear.

n’cloud.swiss heralds a new era in cloud computing

n’cloud.swiss stands for a new era in cloud computing. In contrast to many cloud providers, this innovative cloud platform is capable of addressing and serving all cloud deployment requirements such as private, public, hybrid and community cloud. In addition, all cloud service models from Infrastructure- over Platform- to Software-as-a-Service models are included within this same product. The advantage for customers range from agility, flexibility and adaptability to a maximum amount of freedom to build their cloud according to their needs.


In addition, all cloud service models from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), over Platform as a Service (PaaS) to Software as a Service (SaaS) are part of the platform. All this is surrounded by an innovative internal n’cloud.swiss application catalogue. Within the latter, n’cloud.swiss offers more than 142 applications from 30 different IT categories “free and ready to go” as well as the opportunity to upload also other development applications and tools easily. Along personal support and competitive pricing models, API connectivity for easy and fast transfers of existing developments from or to other major cloud platforms award n’cloud.swiss a unique selling point and a competitive advantage.

n’cloud.swiss features demo

The establishment of n’cloud.swiss across the globe with the launch of an ICO

The number of ICO launches nowadays has reached a level making difficult for investors to stay on top of things. More than ever, ICOs of established companies are in demand given the fact that the number of scams is high as well as the number of ICOs leading to projects that fail. The ICO of n’cloud.swiss is truly the ICO of a proven business case. The particularity here clearly is the fact that investing in this ICO signifies investing in a real company distinguished by a successful record of accomplishment and existing customers. However, the question arises why such a company plans to launch an ICO. The target for n’cloud.swiss is to achieve a substantial market share in the global cloud market for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS services in the next 5 years. Consequently, as a decisive step towards its establishment as the undisputed alternative to the major cloud providers, n’cloud.swiss ICO has been launched to successfully expand and rollout the existing business operations into 60 additional countries around the world. The n’cloud.swiss ICO is divided into two main stages. While the Pre-ICO will be held from April 14th to April 29th, 2018, the main ICO event will take place from April 30th to July 8th, 2018. During these two events of ICO, investors can buy tokens. As the first and only company in the world, n’cloud.swiss AG is offering to investors the unique service of managing their tokens. The idea behind is to open up the doors to unexperienced ICO investors and allow them to benefit from the company’s success.


US Cloud Act or how foreign laws do not matter anymore

While the U.S. Congress recently approved the CLOUD Act for data stored overseas and strictly speaking opened a back door for the FBI, CIA, and NSA to intercept virtually anyone without any court order, the need for an alternative to the major cloud providers becomes probably greater than ever. A market that is dominated by four American (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Softlayer) and one Chinese (Alibabcloud), definitely presents numerous possibilities for n’cloud.swiss AG. “Swiss made” high quality standards in terms of security and reliability in setup and operation of fail-safe cluster-systems can present for the company a valuable competitive advantage. On the other hand, investors in this ICO will be able to join a company with a huge potential, contribute to its international expansion and establishment and benefit from a success story in the making.

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