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Hackernoon logoIn Lockdown? Here's how to kill your time in times of Covid Crises? by@tim-colman

In Lockdown? Here's how to kill your time in times of Covid Crises?

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In the event when Corona virus caused great disruption in the whole world, and people are compelled to stay at home, many people are also falling prone to mental illness like depression and anxiety.

I was astonished when I read an article on the BBCย asserting that increased isolation and loneliness are affecting peopleโ€™s mental health and a downfall in the economy is just worsening the scenario.

But do you know there are certainly some things that you can do in this Lockdown to curtail the stress and utilize this time more productively?

But before starting make sure that you are not stressing on your mental health anymore. You need to believe that no one is fighting alone in this pandemic we all are on the same boat which in turn needs to be accepted and follow a positive approach for the same.

Also, don't believe on Fake News. Only trust information coming from trusted organizations like WHO, your State Heath Department or reports published by trustworthy organizations like Berkeley.

I saw many people bewailing about lack of time to do what they genuinely love and are passionate about and I canโ€™t think better time than this to follow your passion.

But at the same point, there are many people out there who are still battling to find out their passions and hobbies, so in that case, I have shared some of the best time killer activities that you can do in this Lockdown without getting bored.

5 Ways You Can Utilize Your Time Super Productively During The Lockdown

1. Indulge yourself in some physical activity

One of the best things you can do in the lockdown is to get fit, itโ€™s not just necessary to keep your immunity boosted, but also to stay happy as when you exercise your body releases happy hormones called Endorphins that reduces stress levels and calms you down.

Some of my friends always complained that they are not getting enough time to involve in some physical activity due to lots of work and responsibilities, but now I think is the best time to achieve your desired fitness goals and get that dream body.

Physical activity can comprise of anything from Dancing, Zumba, Yoga, Skipping to anything that you love to do to keep your body fit and healthy.

So next time whenever you feel low, wear your shoes and kick that stress out of your body.

2. Grab A Book And Start Reading

I know for some people this may sound bizarre because they have never touched any books in life due to any reason, but I think in the time of crisis like this, reading books help you to achieve that peace of mind when it is always juggling with endless thoughts.


Just like you, I never had any interest in reading books but then to kill my time I started reading and then got addicted to it. You wonโ€™t believe that I started diving so deep in the books that I completely felt out of the World and saw a very positive impact on my mind and thoughts.

Just a piece of advice

Avoid reading any books on destruction that creates a negative aura around you instead of that stick to some motivational and self-loving books like The Power Of Belief, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and you will find a lot more like these on Kindle.

3. Binge On Some Online Videos and TV Series

I believe that watching some great TV series and online shows is one of the best time killers, you wonโ€™t get how your 3 or more are just gone in the blink of an eye. Nowadays there are several great TV serials and shows available online that you can watch.

A few days back when I had a conversation with my friends on this, most of them were grumbling about Netflix subscription as it is a bit expensive and barely anyone wants to spend on it ( especially in the time of crisis).


But then I suggested them some free apps like Voot App which I have been using for quite a long time now where I can watch some amazing and thrilling TV series and shows which barely cost anything.

4. Register For Online Courses

What can be better than gaining some knowledge while sitting at home?

If you are passionate about learning new things and always want to upgrade your skills but did not get enough time to do so, then this is the best time to sharpen your skills and learn something great.

For instance, you are passionate about photography or maybe writing, then you can unquestionably take some courses that brush up your skills on a more advanced level. This is a great opportunity to utilize your time that adds up some value to your existing skills.

5. Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Last and the important one is to spend some great, fun, and quality time with your family. This is a great opportunity to convey your feelings to your loved ones as everyone is together and you will barely get this opportunity again in life.

Share your feelings of affection with your family, play with your kids as it is imperative to spread love and happiness in times like this.


Remember life is too short to argue, fight, and hold grudges towards someone.

Some Don'ts That You Need To Follow As Wellย 

Well, I have discussed some of the great activities to stay productive during the lockdown. Here are some things that you need to possibly stay away from in this Quarantine period.

  • Do not spread rumors
  • Do not come in contact with people ( maintain social distancing in your family too )
  • Do not gather in groups
  • Do not allow people entering your house
  • Do not go out without wearing masks and carrying your sanitizers
  • Do not panic ( if you have some symptoms )


Bottom Line

So these are some of the best activities you can do while staying at home apart from washing hands at regular intervals. I know sometimes it becomes difficult to stay active and happy in a situation like this but you need to get out of that zone and start seeing the positive impacts of the same. Be happy that you are alive today and never forget to be grateful for that.


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