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7 Tips to Jazz-up Your Instagram Account

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@tim-colmanTim Colman

Amateur Developer and a Part-time Social Media Influencer

The stronger your social media presence is, the more powerful you are in
the world of marketing. And over time, Instagram is gaining huge popularity, especially among teens. The stats reveal that Instagram images gain 23% more engagement (on average) than their Facebook counterparts!

Instagram marketing can be used to boost your SEO, to beat your competition and it helps keeping your customers happy.

Instagram is serving as an absolute go-to platform, irrespective of the purpose. In this age of digitization, it has got so much power that even novice and immature marketers understand its importance. The reason why I have come up with this list of tips that will light-up your profile and make it irresistible for your audience. So, Ready. Set. Go!

Make it colorful

Colors have a unique sense of influential power in our decisions. Well,
who doesnโ€™t love the different emotions colors can intrigue in you? Not just
this, statistically, 90% of the snap decisions about products are made by the color alone.

The right choice of colors along with appropriate execution will give you an edge over your competitors by growing your follower count.

People first buy these Ig followers from a known brand and then follow this practice to keep this number growing. Well, this should be the ideal practice to follow.

Source: Instagram

This is noticeable in the profiles of most of the artists. For instance,
look at the profile of Neha.doodles, a well-known doodle artist who also works for Google! The usage of colors on her profile will not let you go back.

Balance it out

We all know how important โ€˜balanceโ€™ is in real-life. And Instagram is no
alien. The idea is to believe all your posts have weight behind it. So, for
example, if you endorse different products, like shoes, sportswear, and others. You canโ€™t have a profile of posts filled with shoes and no sportswear and vice versa. Understand that itโ€™s necessary to show your diverse-play in the market (if your goals arenโ€™t the contrary!).

Keep your lines aligned

Lines are the visual elements of your pictures and they decide where the
eyes of your viewers will go. So, if you need to imply order, show tidiness and want viewers' eyes to go straight at something, I suggest you use straight lines. On the other hand, curved lines signify movement, so if you want to show a sense of organized movement, use them in your favor.

Hereโ€™s an exceptional example of using lines by the artist Jamel Saliba

Source: Instagram

Use contrasts efficiently

Contrasts have a greater impact than just a mixture of colors. It can
help you emphasize on elements you want to focus on and vice versa. They will also provide a sense of differentiation between elements and will help you be something that is strikingly different from something else.

However, be extremely careful when you play around with contrasts, it can easily cross-over the thin line of โ€˜too muchโ€™. it can also make your design appear cluttered and put a focus on an element that was not necessary.

Group similar things together

The whole idea behind this is to create a sense of organization in your
Instagram profile. Similar items or related elements appear better when they are grouped together. Adopt the principle of proximity and use it wisely.

As mentioned in the previous point, sometimes we tend to clutter our posts, grouping will help you declutter them. Hereโ€™s a peek into the profile of famous travel bloggers, Siddhi & Varun (@settlesubtle)
mastering the art of proximity.

Source: Instagram

Organize your fonts

Practically it is not possible to maintain a hierarchy because you are
constantly posting, but still, there will be some elements that will demand
more attention than others. So, what do you do now? The answer is very simple. Differentiate them from the usual font, like use bigger fonts or highlight that sentence. Usually, names with all-caps are the first to stand out in the caption.ย 

Provide a direction

The way the human eye revolves around your posts is unique but quite
stable. What I mean to say is, how people go about reading your posts is quite specific. They follow determines patterns and you just need to follow a flow to ensure maximum visibility.

The human eye either reads in the โ€œE,โ€ โ€œF,โ€ or โ€œZโ€ pattern. Learn how to do it and do it well.

To Sum up

Now that you are aware of how to use Instagram for your best interest, itโ€™s time to get going! Lastly, remember, hard work can cover up all the points mentioned above, and smart work can help you surpass all. So, give your best and continue giving your best, and I am sure you will achieve what you have always desired.


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