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I’m an ENTP - Now what? by@michielmulders

I’m an ENTP - Now what?

Michiel Mulders Hacker Noon profile picture

Michiel Mulders

Technical & marketing writer | Blockchain & backend developer

I know for a while that I “categorise” as an ENTP(-A). It struck me how accurate this describes my personality. An ENTP is known to be a debater who thrives on the process of shredding arguments and comes with an extreme objective/rational way of thinking.

For those unaware of what the ENTP combination means, I’m referring to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaire that helps you define a personality type. A more common term for MBTI is the 16 personalities test.

I will present 9 comments on how I experience situations as an ENTP-A.

9 Daily Life Experiences as ENTP-A

1. I love creating new, innovative ideas but I don’t like the process of fulfilling or completing those ideas. I tend to start many different, fun side projects at once and multitask between them. Next, I find myself struggling to complete them. Why? I feel like I’ve already done the hard work by creating those ideas. The matter of completing those ideas is just a standard procedure.

2. I see problems everywhere. I can see a simple thing like a radio and dispute the UX design of the button layout. 

3. I love debating! However, I tend to use arguments that are not necessarily true. Therefore, I thrive in a debate and love the feeling of cracking down on other ideas. However, I do not intend to hurt other people’s feelings while this might be perceived differently. In the end, the goal of this debate is to find the best possible solution for all of us. 

On the other hand, the “analyst” personality type can see through this curtain of invalid arguments and help me change my mind.

4. I derive a lot of energy from being social but I don’t like to hang out for too long. I can absorb a lot of energy by just meeting a friend for one hour and exchange ideas, but that’s enough. 

On the other side, I really enjoy “me time” and time I can spend on working on my goals. It’s a hard balance to get right and some people just don’t understand this drive. In some cases, they find it offending that I only want to meet for a short amount of time although I certainly enjoy their presence.

For example, I meet friends to go for drinks but after some time I feel we are just talking because we have to. We are in this place because we agreed to go for a drink so we are supposed to talk (slightly exaggerated analogy). I lose interest/get bored as I’ve gathered plenty of energy and everything else is too much.

I get frustrated as I’ve got a feeling like I’m losing time that I can spend on accomplishing my goals. My mother sometimes asks me why I’m always in a rush. For me, this doesn't feel like a rush, it’s a natural craving to be efficient.

Another example includes where we have a drink with friends and I go home at 11 PM after having a few drinks to continue work. They don’t understand I can still switch my mind to “work”. This is because I just absorbed a lot of energy from meeting them, got new ideas, and want to do something with this energy.

5. I like creating a positive environment, be social, bring jokes, and be proactive. In my opinion, that’s the value I give back to my friends for the energy and inspiration they give me.

6. I get highly frustrated by people who are not able to communicate a message effectively or have to disrupt someone multiple times to convey a message. I expect clear instructions, no fingerspitzengefühl.

7. As I said, I live for my higher goals. I do have a clear mindset on my long-term goals and what I want to achieve. I often get a surprising look from friends about the fact that I have a detailed, long-term plan figured out yet.

8. It’s also commonly known that an ENTP is hyper-focused on what’s important. This means I sometimes cancel a meeting with friends just to work on those goals. Some find it offending or don’t understand this but it’s absolutely not meant like that. 

There are moments you need focus and want to be on your own. It’s part of finding the right balance between meeting friends and working on your personal goals.

9. ENTPs get often accused of not being empathic. This is not exactly true. We want everyone to be happy and be happy with us. It’s mutual empathy

However, I do admit I have a weak sensing/feeling. A quote from an ENTP Reddit thread explains accurately how I see emotional situations, “...Often [times] I find that people are just too emotional, and since I'm not, it doesn't make sense to me.”

In short, I like to reason out emotional moments and find objective solutions or advice.

Now what? All good!

Being an ENTP includes some disadvantages, however, it’s just the way you approach those disadvantages. Personally, I do not experience them as disadvantageous. Also, every personality type has pros and cons. Nobody is “perfect” and everyone is perfect in its own way. Accept, embrace, and live life to the fullest!