Josh Steimle


If you choose to be an entrepreneur don’t expect anyone to understand what your life is like.

You’ll work 100 hour weeks.

You’ll work nights and weekends.

You’ll skip holidays.

You’ll work without pay.

You’ll get to hire, and have to fire.

You’ll wake up every day with 500 urgent issues, time to take care of 10, and unimaginable stress about choosing the wrong 10.

You’ll make mistakes, and customers, partners, and employees will think you’re dishonest, when you’re trying your best.

You’ll pay others more than you pay yourself.

You’ll pay others before you pay yourself.

Your spouse won’t understand what you’re going through.

Even other entrepreneurs won’t understand. They’ll say “Gee, my business was never that hard, what are you doing wrong? Maybe you shouldn’t be running a business.”

You’ll wonder if they’re right.

You’ll wonder if maybe you should get a “real” job.

But you’ll stick with it, and finally, FINALLY, after years of pain and struggle and stress, you’ll succeed.

As soon as you do, someone will look at your success and ask “What did he ever do to deserve this?”

Only you will know.

Only you will understand.

That’s just the way it is, and that’s ok.

You’re an entrepreneur.

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