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I Just Got Banned from r/Bitcoin - The Irony Is Strong With This One

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@alfredodecandiaAlfredo de Candia

Author of "Mastering EOS" & "Mastering DeFi" blockchain specialist, android developer

However scarce or unknown it may be in the crypto and Blockchain sector, I have never stopped and I have never pulled back, even when even today, in my part, when I talk to him about this technology and of course Bitcoin (BTC), a laugh is what I get.

Over time I got used to this type of response, but I did not give up my belief in this asset and in the technology behind it, because it is something that transcends what we are used to.

It completely changes the paradigm up to this moment.

Who came first, who came later, became aware of this asset, for better or for worse; (for me - 2011), matters less. I took me several efforts and attempts to start my own Bitcoin node - , confusing command line interfaces, hard to find settings, changing ports, and more.

Like the decentralized asset, which was born out of nothing, the community also evolved, first from Bitcointalk.org and then also on various media such as Reddit, with the related subsections, which for that of bitcoin is r / Bitcoin.

Well, over time, that section has become increasingly large, and it was inevitable to have and see different opinions, and choices to be made to advance the project, which however led to the division of the community, the most famous cases were thanks to Vitalik Buterin and Roger Ver, but those cases are different.

Then we began to clean up all those who spoke badly or who had a different opinion on the project, we are not talking about a simple removal of posts, but permanent bans from participating freely in the discussion, which unfortunately also happened to me recently; precisely about an article that was rejected on this platform.

What is understandable - a modification, censorship, or rejection of articles in certain communities.

Even my Hacker Noon articles are reviewed, (and for this I thank David Smooke and Utsav Jaiswal), who review and edit my work. I am not banned from sharing views about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Hacker Noon.

With this piece, I do not mean or take it out on anyone.

I am just pointing out that listening to a single bell is never wise; because if you listen to just the one-who-knows-but-denigrates-the-other-projects, (for convenience we will call them "maximalists"), you risk seeing the glass always full and without cracks, and indeed it will lead you to attack other projects, call them "shitcoins" by underlining their shortcomings.

But this does not deter me in the least.

On the contrary, it shows me that what I had written about Bitcoin is truer than ever - an opinion equal to that of others.

Therefore, I take this opportunity to remind you that you need to look at the bigger picture of what is around and diversify as much as possible.

Diversification is only possible through culture and dedicated books.

For example, regarding the EOS Blockchain, we have Mastering EOS, and for understanding decentralized finance there is Mastering DeFi, (both on Amazon).

(Disclaimer: Both the above books have between written by me)

I conclude with only a good song, "I Do".


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