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I Built An SEO Content Software And Made $5k in a month: A Case-Study by@mscyoc

I Built An SEO Content Software And Made $5k in a month: A Case-Study

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Make it 100x faster to research, learn, and create niche content.

Over the past year, I've been growing my side project blog about Cars and Trucks, but over the last 3-6 months it's only really started to take off to the tune of $5,300 in Oct '21. 95% of this is profit from passive advertising revenue.

The biggest reason for the huge growth from ~$1k/mo to over $5k in Oct was mainly due to a couple different things:

  1. I switched my advertising network from Ezoic to Mediavine.

  2. Finally being able to use my own SEO niche content creation software.

While I would STRONGLY encourage anyone not in an advertising network to join one immediately, if you are in Ezoic, I would even more strongly encourage you to try and meet the requirements and apply to Mediavine. I saw my ad revenue 2.5x almost immediately.

Now to the good part.

Over the last 3 months, I've consistently published 4-5 articles a day, of 500-3,000 words each using software I've developed myself. It's allowed me to learn, create, and publish 100x faster, with 10x better quality, without ANY writing (outside of deleting and organizing), and without ANY knowledge of the topics or SEO target keywords. WTF? I know, I know. Too good to be true, right?

If you want to cut to the chase and see it for yourself; then go to my site below, watch the video, and sign up for my private beta. I'd love to work with everyone here to help in any way I can!

If you're still curious, check out the FAQs to go a bit deeper. My site is barebones and this is one of the few times I've written about my software.


Q: How does the software work?

A: Over the course of my career (I'm actually an ex-Amazon, ex-Disney, ex-Hearst Magazines SEO) I've scaled "content machines" to 10,000+ articles in 12 months spending hundreds of thousands of company dollars on scaling SEO content for a wide variety of companies.

I've consistently used a strategy to research and create good quality content at scale called "stacking".

Basically, it's a strategy to analyze the top X articles and sources for a given topic and "stack" (or aggregate) them together in order to create one larger, in-depth single article by combining all their important info, facts, and answers together. The main benefit of this technique is to create the best piece of content on a single page by covering as many DIFFERENT questions and answers to any given keyword topic. From an SEO and Google algorithm standpoint, this achieves a type of content quality that is mathematically or objectively better than any single existing source article since it combines the unique answers from them all.

My software performs this "answer curation" over thousands of sources automatically. It's been a huge help in creating long-form, mastery-level content on very niche topics with ZERO knowledge. Surprisingly, it's best used for ultra-niche topics (which are usually the most esoteric).

Not only does the software curate and present hundreds of questions and answers for any niche keyword, it also features a finely-tuned model that automatically rewrites them, that passes plagiarism checkers, for automatic use in your final article. The entire process end-to-end to write a full article takes minutes, with zero writing, with only 5-10 clicks.

Q: How do I use the software?

A: I'm offering for the first time an open beta for anyone that wants to test it out. You can also see the video at my site. One of the main benefits is that it automatically trains itself on whatever sources are uploaded to it. So whatever industry or niche topic you're in it can be used with a high level of precision. If you want to check it out and see it in action, I've created a demo at my site

Q: Is there a way to sign up and use it for yourself?

A: Of course! I've created an open beta at my site Go to the site, sign up, and I will reach out personally to get you on-boarded. I'll even throw in some free SEO advice ;)


First, the site I've been building and referencing in this post is

If you're curious about which content I've built using my software; then it’s easy to find since every post I've built over the last 2-3 months I've done ONLY using the software. Like I said above, my workflow is just deleting, rewording Headings, Subheadings, organizing answers/paragraphs, adding an image and a Youtube video (which you can do in the software).

Example Keyword Rankings (as of Nov 5 '21)

(Here is a link to a Google sheet with more examples including a lot more tire keywords that I've been doing most recently)


Est. Organic Traffic (SEMrush)


Est. Organic Traffic (AHREFs)


Ad Revenue Earnings from Mediavine (last 3 months ending Oct '21)

There is another affiliate revenue from, but ad revenue is the majority.


Ousia HackerNoon profile picture
by Ousia @mscyoc.Make it 100x faster to research, learn, and create niche content.
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