How You Can Now Keep All Your Calls and Mails in One Place

The process of lead nurturing helps build a relationship with your customers at each stage of the sales funnel. It focuses on marketing and communication efforts, concentrating on the purposes and providing the information and answers they need.

All companies need workflows and their management, from small businesses to big conglomerates. Such model serves to represent real work for further evaluation, for example, to describe a consistently repeating sequence of actions. And if it is automated, there is a relief for all members of the sale process: business owners, managers, and clients as well.

Visualizing Work Process

Which tool is better for comfort and faster automation processes? Let us introduce the BPMN Model developed by our partner Comunda. It is a tool for modeling and managing your business processes. BPMN helps to express in diagrams human task flows, event handling and much more! It is technically executed but easy to understand for an average user.

It is necessary to keep an eye on it constantly. And no less important is no lose touch with your clients. In the previous articles, we talked about a Purchase Funnel, but it was the general image. Let’s dive in the practical part!

First of all, we build a client’s path according to the actions he/she performs. Conditions are produced from the user’s side. The ideal way of the customer when he/she passed all stages from the first contact to the product purchase.

But usually, everything goes not as perfect as you wanted to. Right?

So, this tool will help to visualize all conditions and the whole path to lead the client to the end of the sale funnel.

Email Chains Help Facilitate Marketing

We have reviewed the companies workflows and have found where begins inefficiency and at what point the communication is lost.

Where to start with? Definitely with creating an email chain!

Let’s review several client behavior conditions:

Email Chain

Condition 1: Missing the Call

When a client filled in the form on the website but forgot to appoint the call time. Then an assistant had to go through the whole information about the deal. It takes a lot of time and sometimes managers don’t pay attention to this.

With BPMN, the process now looks as follow: the email chain follows up on the customer to a certain moment. After a while, the system throws up this client to the marketing department, where the lead is re-nurtured to the right condition and re-sends to the sales team.

In this way, you will not lose contact with the client and will be able to review and improve the steps where is the disconnect.

Condition 2: All Steps Are Followed by the Client

When a client follows all pre-defined conditions up to the scheduled call time and getting an email from the assigned manager to the client, he/she should check in with useful information to make a call efficient. The next email reminds about the call with all detailed links to the video room, timezone etc. After the call, there is a second option when the email is sent automatically upon the request.

Above we described the first block of our email chain. However, it is only part of the wide process. We will characterize the next proceedings of email marketing in the chain of our next articles.

How to Improve the Workflow After the Call? There Is a Solution!

Our team has been tracking all profitable and unprofitable cases to increase the call quality for a decent period of time.

So we have developed the following steps:

  1. before a call, the program sends an e-mail to the client to provide the whole information and to clarify the date, time zone etc.
  2. a video call is recorded automatically to improve call quality for the sales manager
  3. “pitch deck” can be sent optionally.

Let’s talk about how to improve the workflow after the call.

Many companies are faced with the capacity of main call storage: too little storage space or lack of costs to buy a subscription. And how do you think we solved this problem? We have implemented Zoom and Google Drive integration. Zoom provides video communications in modern enterprises and includes video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

Let’s check out how this process is going on! After the call, the data is extracted with the API-key help. Then it is redirected to a separate folder at the end of the day. Every month all system records are deleted after the check of a manager or any other employee. Now everything is done automatically, it does not take a lot of time to search for the necessary record in the folder. Cleaning and refreshing folders are constantly carried out. The frequency of such a transfer may vary depending on the company aims.

We also developed Zoom integration with Pipedrive. For active calls, we generate their custom link with this client. So, a sale manager can join from his/her CRM-system. Now he/she should not do an extra action to find where the call will take place.


The best way to understand how things are going with your workflow is to visualize it. So, the BPMN Model will simplify this process and help you build the email chain in the right direction, let you understand all time consuming and inefficient additional clicks or actions.

And our new solutions areZoom-Pipedrive and Zoom-Google Drive integration in order to facilitate all activities associated with video calls.

In a nutshell, there is always a solution to the problem, the main thing is to find the root of it.

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