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How Will Blockchain Fix the Centralization of Data?by@pixelplex
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How Will Blockchain Fix the Centralization of Data?

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'Blockchain' -- a relative unknown to the majority of Internet users and a familiar topic to you and me -- has an enormous potential to change how we interact with our devices, our daily transactions, and our respective governments. Several excellent books have been written on blockchain technologies that you should take a look at, but the one we will reference the most is written by George Gilder and is titled Life After Google. Gilder argues that within the past decade, we have been able to make phones with exponentially faster processors and larger memories, but an increasing amount of processing and information storage is done remotely from massive data centers in places like Oregon. The centralization of data by behemoths such as Google and Amazon is the clearest example of an inherently broken and insecure system of internet use. The blockchain can fix that.

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