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How We're Helping Black Founders Succeed with Launch Like a Mogul

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I spend my time helping Black entrepreneurs and professionals succeed over at Mogul Millennial.

Growing up and entering adulthood post-college, I always knew that I wanted to be in a position to help the Black community succeed and break barriers.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I did this while working at my old 9-5 where I led teams and was in a position to hire. I made it a habit to seek out Black candidates and made it a point to mentor and prepare my Black colleagues and employees into higher positions of power. Even outside of hiring, I intentionally sought out Black-owned businesses and Black creatives for special projects and needs that my company had.

Upon leaving my 9-5, I knew that there was an opportunity for me to do more to help advance the Black community. In response to that, I launched Mogul Millennial, and we're a media platform created to help Black entrepreneurs and professionals succeed through smart, actionable content and resources.

Since launching, we've been able to reach hundreds of thousands of young, ambitious Black professionals and business owners across the U.S., and have connected with Black leaders at top organizations and startups such as Harlem Capital, Snap Inc., Calendly, and Squire to teach our community valuable and tangible lessons to help them professionally grow.

Currently, Black people are making tremendous strides in corporate, and are among the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs. However, unfortunately, there is still an alarming wealth and funding gap, and a lack of resources that's given and created specifically for Black entrepreneurs. For this reason and more is why Mogul Millennial exists, and why we're working with Mozilla Builders to provide resources for the Black entrepreneurial community.

Mozilla Builders was created to join forces with people who want to build technology that fixes the internet and helps the world. At Mogul Millennial, we love working with companies and allies who want to help us build the blueprint for Black success, and provide the resources that Black founders need to build profitable businesses and create generational wealth.

With the support of Mozilla Builders, Mogul Millennial is launching a new educational series for early-stage Black founders, Launch Like a Mogul.

Launch Like a Mogul is a free, 6-week series that's teaching early-stage Black founders how to launch a winning growth and monetization plan for their current business (or business idea if they're still in the idea phase).

In Launch Like a Mogul, the founders will have access to learn everything from how to build an MVP, how to acquire customers, develop a monetization strategy, how to create a launch plan, will get tips on raising venture capital and alternative funding, and so much more!

For Launch Like a Mogul, we've connected with some of the most promising Black startup leaders and investors to help teach our founders.

In the 6-week series, the founders will learn from:

Keenan Beasley - the CEO of Supply Factory Brands, Venture Noire, and Sunday II Sunday


Jasmine Jones, the founder & CEO of Cherry Blossom Intimates, a breast health facility, and intimates boutique


Sydney Thomas, a Senior Associate at Precursor Ventures 


Jose 'Caya' Cayasso, the co-founder and CEO at Slidebean, a venture-backed, multi-million dollar company founded in 2014


Obi Omile Jr., the co-founder & CEO of theCut, a tech platform modernizing the barbershop experience


And more!

Click here to check out the full list and to sign up for Launch Like a Mogul if you're an aspiring or early-stage Black founder.

For sponsorship or media requests regarding Mogul Millennial or Launch Like a Mogul, please send an email to [email protected]

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