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How We Used Humor to Differentiate Our SaaS Landing Page

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@michaelsiebMichael Sieb

Building an online text-based video editor that allows you to edit your video by just editing the transcribed text.

We have been thinking for a long time, how can we differentiate our landing page from all the others and always the same looking landing pages that exist in the SaaS world.

In the end, we said to ourselves, why not try something different and try to reverse engineer typical SaaS landing pages. So we named our first CTA "You had me at welcome". But wait that was not all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think we all know this area on the website that is supposed to provide trust. We have observed that many startups have logos of the biggest companies that are out there and supposedly there is a cooperation or they use the respective service. So we thought why don't we turn the game around.

Of course, we also have a real testiomonial. The funny thing is, with our Text-based video editor Type Studio it's super easy to edit such videos. You can watch the video here:

For all of the website visitors who made it to the end of our landing page, we have preprared another special Call To Action.๐Ÿฅณ

Of course, at first we were not sure if this is really a good idea and the conversion is worse than if we build our landing page according to the rules of optimized SaaS websites.

So far, we have received so much positive feedback and many posts on social networks that it was definitely worth trying a new approach.


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