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Hackernoon logoHow we Helped America to Vote Better with a Powerful AI Solution by@pratyushraj

How we Helped America to Vote Better with a Powerful AI Solution

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@pratyushrajPratyush Raj

Co-Founder of world's most powerful AI-based video search @ | "Whistle Fly"| 500K+ Downloads"

It all started when my friend and I were chatting over about political situations in different countries and their impact globally. Being politically informed (or that’s what I thought at that time), I was making a pretty bold claim on various issues which was receiving an equally bold reply from my friend and 1 hour later we were having a fierce argument on who is right and wrong. Alas, we hung up.


Later that day we reconciled and we thought about it. Even being educated, we are pretty much uninformed on various issues ourselves, The time that we have is limited and we can’t be sure of who said what about some particular issue, News was the source of unbiased truth but now that is also slowly fading away. Being a techy ourselves we thought about tackling this problem.

Talk To Videos

Introducing TrumpvsBiden where one can ask a question and get answers directly from them. No need to listen to an opinionated news channel or read a biased article, This helps you cut the clutter and make a more informed choice without any bias, Let’s see it in action. Website Link: [Trump vs Biden]

Let’s Ask :
Will you raise taxes?

And behold we got the exact video from Donald Trump and that too automatically starts from the exact moment 55:01 minutes (this is where he talked about it), alternate videos contain opinion from Joe Biden.

You can even ask a person directly eg: Joe Biden

What is Biden’s stance on racism in the justice system?

This uses recent breakthrough in AI and NLP to go beyond keywords and understands semantics of natural language.

Not only this, we have included 20+ pre-populated important questions beforehand so that people can easily browse through their answers, You can ask anything that they have ever said or talked about.

Made it for Myself

As an informed user I have found it much more fast and useful, This helps me significantly cut the clutter and get straight to point of what each candidate is saying.

It saves me from misinformation.


Do share the links and claps in spreading the word and helping us reach out to more people

Website Link: [Trump vs Biden]
LinkedIn: [Pratyush Raj]
Twitter: [Pratyush Raj]


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