How to talk to developers. Manual for recruiters

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@a.nikishaevAndrey Nikishaev

Talking with us is very easy, but for some unknown reason, most of recruiters are doing this wrong. We love to automate things, so i wrote this manual to do this only once.

If you are reading this, maybe you are one of such recruiters. Don’t get this personal, it just for helping in establishing contact between us.

Read candidate’s CV

A person who sends irrelevant mails, looks like a macaque scattering its shit.
Don’t do this.

Your first email must contain all necessary info for a developer

You can save much time and nerves, if you will not push your candidate to ask you obvious things like: company name, responsibilities, office address, needed skills, project description, team info, salary fork, etc.

Know the area you are working in

When i see that a recruiter doesn’t know what they are talking about, i understand that they are so lazy they can’t even google. Why should i spend my time on a spam?

Senior developers are not a mass market

Stop talking to high-paid specialists like to the 1st year students. We know our price, we have requirements for people we work with, and we like to speak to the point.
If you want to work with us, you need to learn how to use a personal approach.

Know who’s your client

You may think that your client is a company that is paying you for recruiting developers, but it’s not. Your clients are developers, because if they like you, you will always be successful even if companies hate you, but if not then you basically will be out of stock.

So let’s make love, not war)



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