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How to Start a Business with No Money: A Guide for Absolute Beginners by@khunshan

How to Start a Business with No Money: A Guide for Absolute Beginners

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Khunshan Ahmad

Writes about tech. Software engineer and digital marketer by profession. Peace.

If you have a business idea but not enough capital to take it off the ground, lucky for you, there are a number of ways in how you can proceed. Capital should not be considered the same as resources. Resources can be skills, knowledge, and experience that you have. They can also be a series of traits you have that can help the business grow.

Knowing what you can do and what you can learn in order to fulfill a task goes a long way in an entrepreneurial path. 

There are numerous ways to come up with a business idea, whether you want to build upon an existing service or exploit the gap in the market with a new service or product. Curate your plan by writing an easily understandable description of your product and accumulating the resources you can allot to your business. The first step is always the hardest, but that isn't a reason not to take it. Take your time and research everything before making your plan.  

Here is a list of ways in which you can take the next step:

The Internet as a Level Playing Field

It is exponentially easier to make a business idea turn into a startup in this day and age. Know that all billion-dollar businesses like Apple, IBM, and Disney had a much harder time trying to convince investors. With the advent of social media, you can easily find out if your idea will be a hit or a miss, and you will be able to build upon those feedbacks.

You will save a lot of money by making the internet your marketer, teacher, mentor, and loyal subordinate.

Creating a virtual space for your business will be the first step to gain an audience. Later you can use various marketing tools and strategies to get more and more traffic to your website. With the use of the right tools, you will be able to get sales and feedback on your product.

Other Modes of Financing

Years of romanticizing the thorn-laden path of a broke entrepreneur have led many to believe that it is easy while it is a test of your will and determination. However, we do not recommend you go through it all. Not when it has become this easy to make your pitch to investors. 

Finding the right investments can help you overcome your financial problems and set up a stable business plan, according to Alex Williams, CFO of FindThisBest. Here are some ways you can do that:

Bank loans can be an efficient way to accumulate funds for your business, although they can be hard to acquire if you have zero collateral.
Government grants and loans are available for specific industries and regions, so you can take advantage of the service if it's available in your area or applies to your business. 

Moreover, you can find investment through:

Private funding: Banks and other finance companies can lend you capital but only at an interest rate, so it would be best to research the weight you can pull. Entrepreneurs should do their due diligence before choosing this option

Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding is one of the easiest methods to generate financial resources to start your own business. Entrepreneurs who don't have enough cash to turn their idea into a business can use crowdfunding platforms to raise money from people across the internet. It is a relatively inexpensive method; you only have to pick a platform, create a profile for your business and wait for people to donate money. The best way to crowdfund resources is to offer some incentive, usually in rewards or equity. "Crowdfunding is my personal favorite as it allows your business to get donations through authentic websites like GoFundMe, and investors can buy shares in your business if the idea appeals to them," Williams added.

Angel investors: Angel investors are those people who offer to fund new businesses in exchange for a percentage of the profits you generate. Unlike venture capitalists, they put down their funds into your business. If you have a unique business plan but no money to get it off the ground, look for an angel investor and pitch your idea to them. You need to convince the investor that your idea is worthwhile and has potential because otherwise, they would not be interested. Because they invest their own money, they need to be 100% sure that your business proposition will be profitable for them in the long run. There is increasing competition amongst them, so be sure to do thorough research.


Improvise and Adapt

If you cannot persuade any investor for your business, it doesn't mean you should stop. You should work over how you can make do with what you have, as not getting funded is likely not the end of your business. Small businesses always have the benefit over large businesses in terms of flexibility. If you are not able to make it work, just know that the market is ever-changing. The faster the company adapts to a major change, the faster the company rules the market. So always be on the lookout for gaps for innovation and change. This will help you acquire a series of new skills and abilities, making you grow professionally and personally. Minimize your costs and operate in the market until your "Eureka" moment arrives.

Final Thoughts on Starting a Business With No Money

Leading a startup to a profit-generating business takes determination, intelligence, and passion. It is a test of your commitment to your idea. It does not depend on the resources or capital, but your willingness to learn a new skill that is needed, finding a solution from your feedback, and persevering in the market.

Being able to work with what you have is empowering for people as they get to grow their character, abilities and discipline. Hence, conclusively, we encourage you to start with your business idea from whatever financial position you are in. If you find an idea you are really passionate about, take the leap and start working on it. 

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Khunshan Ahmad Hacker Noon profile picture
by Khunshan Ahmad @khunshan.Writes about tech. Software engineer and digital marketer by profession. Peace.
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