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How to Set Up an iPad for Machine Learning Development

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If you have an iPad and want to use it as a development tool, you only need to complete 5 steps before using it. In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up an instance in a cloud, 
  • Purchase ssh client
  • Set up ssh 
  • Connect to the server

With Wazaterm, you can use a Linux terminal within a browser.

1. Go to Wazaterm and set up your terminal

Follow Getting Started page, and run the terminal.

2. On terminal, set up anaconda  

Visit https://www.anaconda.com/products/individual to get the latest installer.

$ wget https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/Anaconda3-2020.07-Linux-x86_64.sh
$ bash ./Anaconda3-2020.02-Linux-x86_64.sh
$ bash 
$ conda config --set auto_activate_base false # optionally you can disable auto start
$ conda activate # if you disabled with the above step, you need to activate when you use anaconda

3. Run jupyter notebook with 8443 port

$ jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=8443 --ip=

4. Click 8443 link on the terminal


5. Use jupyter notebook !

When you access it for the first time, you need to put in a token, which you can see in the terminal.

8443 port is https, which you can connect to securely :)


If you want to have jupyter notebook running after terminal is up, you can add the below in ~/.wazarc.

$ conda activate
$ jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=8443 --ip= &


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