How To Run Multiple Flutter Versions on macOS by@altynberg

How To Run Multiple Flutter Versions on macOS

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Sometimes we need to have multiple Flutter versions on the same machine for different projects. To do this, we should download multiple versions and add those paths to the bash_profile file and our IDE. I will use macOS and Visual Studio Code.

I assume that Flutter is already installed. So we should already have a Flutter SDK folder. Let's download a different version of Flutter and place it in the same folder as the current SDK folder.

In my case, as a default, I had an older version of Flutter. In addition to that, I downloaded the stable channel and renamed it

. Now I have two versions in two different paths:


Next, we duplicate the

file and rename it to
. Actually, we can give it any name. We will use this name instead of the
command, like
flutterstable --version


Now execute

nano ~/.bash_profile
and add the path of the new version. In my case it looks like this (I added the second row):

export PATH="$PATH:/Users/user/flutter/bin"
export PATH="$PATH:/Users/user/flutter_stable/bin"

Save, exit, and restart the terminal.

Verify if the path is correct with the command

which flutterstable
. It must give something like this:

Now the

flutterstable --version
flutter --version
commands should give different versions.

Visual Studio Code

Every project can use a specific version of Flutter. Open the settings of Visual Studio Code (

) and search 'flutter sdk paths'. Select the 'Dart & Flutter' in the left menu, click 'Add item', and add the paths. In my case the result looks like this:


Restart the Visual Studio Code. Now at the bottom right corner, we can select the flutter version:


As a result, we have two different versions of Flutter and we can use different versions for different projects.


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