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How to Prep for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification Exam

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@vella-frakesVella Frakes

I am Vella a online media journalist

I recently passed the Amazon Web Solutions (AWS) Web Services Test to an Assistant Engineer. The information was new to my mind, but I wanted to put together a publication about my experience to help those looking for similar certificates.

I was a technical support engineer at New Relic, and before DevOps. Rich experience with Amazon EC2 and Balance Load Balancing. I used a static site hosted on Amazon S3 and Amazon Route53. I recently became interested in AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway and built several pet projects with serverless functionality.

Here are some tips for seeking advice for AWS certification and exams.

Schedule your exam with sufficient time to prepare

When I first started getting AWS certification, there were some wrong starts. It worked well for about a week with one or two lessons each night, but then it allowed me to suspend something. Finally, we decided we needed to set a strict deadline, so we already booked the test. It certainly worked out for me. I was a little tired the day before the exam, but if I miss the deadline, I know how many wrongs start I had.

Find a learning partner

AWS Solution Architect certification greatly encourages leadership with many colleagues who have completed a degree and have chosen without mercy. Several other colleagues were also preparing for the degree, so we sometimes went to study and received many incentives. We also found that some competitiveness that was healthy and playful did our best.

Take your theory and lab sessions seriously

AWS offers many junior certificates and training opportunities. It was attractive to gain power through all the theoretical materials and return to the lab later, but it was more efficient to do the lab as soon as I studied relativity. The tests do not include labs, but using these labs to apply theory directly improved my mental model and facilitated the memory of the material.

How long will it take?

That's a natural question. Adequate preparation is required to pass the exam. The time required depends on where you start.

On average, as long as you have AWS experience, we recommend 80 hours of preparation for the AWS Solution Architect-Associate test. This includes learning for all resources, including the solution engineer’s learning pathway and other selected resources. (Here are some additional tips and learning resources for a Certified Engineer Solutions Assistant). If you have a full-time job and other duties, the investment usually takes 80 hours to study for two months.

If you are new to AWS, we recommend 120 hours or 3 months. Start with the basics and then proceed to the Architect Learning Path

The questions posed in the exam will be different from what you practiced

While preparing for the test, I answered hundreds of typical questions. The subjects and knowledge required were similar, but I had never seen practice questions in practice tests. In this regard, by practicing the same questions over and over, it is unclear whether memorization will actually help the candidate. However, the sample questions were crucial to my research. When I missed one, I went back to preparation to understand why I was wrong and improved my knowledge.

Only answer if you are confident

When you actually take the exam, if you click Submit the question, the answer cannot be changed by clicking on the server. You can skip the question. Unless you ask a question, you can come back to answer when you're ready. If you select a question option, you will not be able to continue with another question until you fill that option.

Skip if necessary

I did the first stage of the exam and provided questions that could be reliably answered. Then passed a few more to see if the answer was clear. After answering some of what I was convinced about, and coming back to more difficult questions, he gave me more confidence - this is the strategy I recommend. Finally, I left only three or four questions.

Think about options

Please be patient and carefully read the questions and options. Architectural Participant Testing Solutions is more than an option, and I have encountered many difficult questions with very similar answer options. In such cases, I read the questions carefully, touched on the keywords and tried to remove options that seemed not the answer.

What happens after the exam is completed?

I had about 10 minutes after the test, so I spent 80 minutes. You can see right away if it was successful. (Transition scores may vary from test to test.) AWS also sends emails explaining how you performed in different test areas.

AWS Exam Preparation Resources

Here are some of the resources used for preparation:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide: Associate Exam

You need to thoroughly read this and believe me it will work wonders. Practice on the questions at the given in each chapter end. Online tutorials are provided with this book and it has plenty of mind-bending problems for you to solve. It's a book so it can fall quickly. Choose the latest version carefully.

Linux academy

In addition to covering all AWS, security for storage and app services, this course also covered topics not found in the book, such as API gates, AWS Lamba, VPC flow logs, and application load balancing. I took the final exam for this course several times. Linux Academy offers a number of very useful videos.


In this course, many practical and practical tests were conducted. I did all eight tests, but before I finished the last four, I took a break on the way to study in a vulnerable area.

A Cloud Guru

It was another great and comprehensive 5-20 minute AWS tour. I completed the last mock test of the course, but I think it's harder than the AWS test.

It's your turn now

If you are preparing to pass the AWS certification exam or want to know more about the exam topic, such as cost and format, Cloud AWS Certificates: Which certificate is correct? Note that you do not get a certificate for a certificate, you need to be an honest cloud engineer.


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