How to Overcome Burnout While Staying Productiveby@scottdclary
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How to Overcome Burnout While Staying Productive

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As entrepreneurs, we know all too well how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle of trying to make your business successful. Hours quickly turn into days which turn into weeks gone by with barely even a break for food or water.  This intense hustle can be useful at times, and it certainly is very productive, but it’s important to keep things in check.  More often than not, this intensity of hustle can quickly turn into burnout. And if left unchecked, this burnout can be detrimental not only to your business but to your own health as well.  But don't worry – despite how it may feel – it is possible to overcome burnout and find massive success as an entrepreneur.  In my recent conversation with the legend David Carlin of Residual Payments, we talked about many things, such as e-commerce, how to build a side hustle, and whether to invest in real estate or crypto. We also talked about David’s beliefs about burnout and how he, as one of the busiest people I have ever interviewed, manages it.  In this newsletter, we'll explore some strategies that have helped David, myself, and other entrepreneurs I have spoken to find balance and avoid burnout.
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