How to Mint Your Name.HackerNoon Web3 Identity Namespaceby@product
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How to Mint Your Name.HackerNoon Web3 Identity Namespace

by HackerNoon Product UpdatesDecember 6th, 2023
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HackerNoon, in partnership with, is offering free web3 identity minting for its vast community of 50,000+ contributors. Bid farewell to lengthy wallet addresses and privacy concerns associated with traditional online identities. By connecting your Metamask-compatible wallet to your HackerNoon account, you can easily mint your web3 identity. Follow the simple steps in your profile, click "Mint Namespace," and enjoy a user-friendly web3 experience. The future of online identities is here, and HackerNoon is leading the way.
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HackerNoon, a technology publication read by millions worldwide every month, in partnership with is offering FREE minting of web3 identities for its 50,000+ contributors.

TL;DR visit profile > web3, and click “Mint My Namespace.”

Let’s unpack why this matters.

Web2 Transgressions, OR How Did We Get Here?

We all have identities in the real world via social security, passports, and driving licenses. Our ‘real-world’ activities can be mapped to our identities at our discretion. Sadly, the same cannot be said for our online identities. Companies like Google and Facebook offer ‘on-ramp’ identities of sorts, but it always comes at the cost of our privacy. Want to play a mobile game? Cool. Give the game developer access to read your call logs and messages. It is preposterous, but it is what we had - for the longest time.

HackerNoon’s web3 identities enable users (sign up to become a user here) to map their HackerNoon profiles to a wallet of their choice. Thanks to our partnership with, these wallets no longer need to be remembered as long text strings.

My wallet is hackerhodl.hackernoon is infinitely more user-friendly than saying my wallet address is 0xjbjbhkb75e7tf8f8yfdeswgyg67f346ss6esxye (this is a randomly typed string - do not send ETH to this address - lol).

How To Mint Your Web3 Identity on HackerNoon

Log in to your HackerNoon account and navigate to your profile > web3 section.

Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and sign the transaction to link any Metamask-compatible wallet address to your HackerNoon account.

Once it is successfully connected, click on ‘Mint Namespace’ and sign the transaction.

There is no fee to mint your HackerNoon namespace. Our friends at have it covered for all HackerNoon contributors.

On successful signature, your_username.hackernoon will be minted and linked to your wallet address.

In my case, my namespace is Hackerhodl.hackernoon.

That’s it - your web3 identity has been created and linked to your wallet address.

For the tech enthusiasts amongst us, here’s the documentation on how it works under the hood.