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How To Liberate Your Brain With Magnetic Stimulation [Interview]

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@ferephFerdinand Ephrem

Neuro-technology expert who brings research in neuroscience to the fields of Marketing and Ergonomic

In this interview with Marko Kadunc, CEO of MDCN Technologies Inc. we discuss the science behind NeoRythm headband and how brainwave entertainment helps us adjust our brain functions to dedicated external frequencies.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company? 

MDCN Technologies, Inc. made a breakthrough in the field of neuroscience, introducing the first-of-its-kind neurostimulation wearable headband called NeoRhythm. This new smart device produces frequencies that help you reach a desired state of mind, such as sleep, deep meditation, relaxation, focus, and more.

My name is Marko Kadunc, the CEO of the company, which started the journey 3 years ago after the successful pilot project. MDCN Technologies, Inc. is an innovator company with offices in both the US and Europe and research & support activities all over the world. Over the years, we have assembled an ambitious team of 15+ experts in various fields. Our goal is to improve people's life quality through innovative principles of neuroscience.

What brought you to this field? 

We were inspired by the mere fact PEMF technology has been scientifically validated by many clinical and other scientific studies as efficient for managing and improving a variety of mental and physical symptoms. In addition to that, some countries (Canada, for example) have officially approved PEMF as an effective treatment for cancer, depression, anxiety, migraine, and other medical conditions. Consequently, the initial idea was born, why not use that technology in everyday life and promote self-care? Let’s bring PEMF in our homes and avoid the long hours in the waiting rooms of the clinics for an affordable price.

What are some challenges you face with the emerging technology? 

Every challenge can also be perceived as an opportunity for development and improvement. Therefore, our team is always working on the amelioration and implementation of new principles. We combine neuroscience and technology, and so far, we have implemented the gesture-controlled feature to NeoRhythm, making it unique for that. Hence the usage is intuitive and straightforward for everyone.

We are striving towards uncovering ideas, products, and solutions that will improve people’s lives’ quality by helping them with their sleep disorders, pain management, inability to shake off stress and low energy levels.

How do you explain your product to the public? 

It’s a breakthrough in the field of neuroscience as being the first gesture-controlled neurostimulation wearable. It helps people de-stress, focus, energize, sleep & meditate better and may help them live well with chronic or acute pain. 

It is based on tPEMF, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, that generates naturally occurring frequencies to which the brain adapts and accepts as its own. Given that reason, the user successfully reaches a desired state of mind. PEMF technology has been used for decades as a treatment for various medical conditions such as chronic pain, fractures, and depression. NeoRythm has well-thought positioning of 5 magnetic-field-generating inverted coils, which separately and in-tune target specific areas in the brain (prefrontal cortex, temporal lobes, cerebellum, parietal lobe, occipital lobe) or spinal cord to offer the largest and most precise stimulation area on the market today. The device’s magnetic fields are non-invasive and safe to use, and two double-blind placebo-controlled studies scientifically confirm its efficiency.

NeoRhythm’s efficacy in improving disturbed sleep patterns, relieving pain, helping achieve a deep meditative state much quicker, and shaking off stress for a “me time” is proven by thousands of satisfied customers across the world. We encourage people to try the device themselves since it is easy to use, provides a natural way of improving unwanted symptoms, and is entirely risk-free.

How far are we from getting this technology into the hands of the users?

NeoRhythm is already being used every day by thousands of people around the world. We are committed to learning more and gaining new knowledge that would eventually lead to new innovations. We are currently investing in one to be the largest sleep disorder research in the world.

What does it take for this technology to become practically in the hands of everyone? 

NeoRhythm has only been only the beginning. By getting feedback, testimonials, and ideas from our customers we learn what are the features needed to be implemented for the product to be even better. The product is made for the masses; both laymen and professionals can use the product and witness its effects in their daily lives. We encourage people to place their trust and confidence in our product as being based on scientific proofs. Adding the risk-free and 60-day money-back guarantee, we show that our innovation is there to help them improve their lives and not make it more difficult. We value our customers the most, and their wellbeing and satisfaction are our fuel. 

How do you envision its implementation in our daily lives? 

NeoRhythm is a very versatile device and can be used in every environment. You can use NeoRhythm in the comfort of your home, to help you fall asleep, reduce stress, practice meditation, or tackle your pain. The usage of NeoRhytm is simple. You can use it while driving to work or doing errands. You will simultaneously be working on improving your wellbeing while doing your everyday tasks.  We have our customers use NeoRhythm in the office to improve their concentration and boost their energy levels, or when flying as to prevent jet lag and have a pleasant journey.

What features and benefits will your product bring to the consumers? 

Our dedication is directed towards improving people’s lives’ quality. Depending on the position of the headband and the program chosen, it targets specific areas in the brain, spreading the stimulation impact on the whole brain surface. NeoRyhthm’s efficiency is proven by scientific studies, indicating a strong correlation between improved sleep patterns and continuous use of the headband. Scientists also proved NeoRhythm’s effectiveness in enhancing mental capacity, focusing, relaxing, and boosting daily energy levels. The headband may even improve people struggling with uneasiness, as well as help people live better with their pain by suggesting the brain to react differently to the external stimuli. 
Because we care, we bring more than just a device to the table. Not only are we investing in the development of products, but also in science. Impeccable devices, undeniable scientific proofs, and results are crucial to help our customers live better, which at the end of the day is our main goal.  We are very attentive to our customers to understand and fulfill their needs; therefore, our team offers premium customer and support services.

What problem will this product solve?

NeoRyhthm focuses on resolving everyday issues people are facing in life. It helps people de-stress, focus, energize their body, sleep & meditate better, and it even may help them live well with chronic or acute pain. It is designed sturdy, compact, and easy to carry with only 105 grams; for that reason, it can be used in any environment at any time.

Where do you see the product in a few years from now? 

Since the technology is improving rapidly, we are working hand-in-hand with leading scientists and experts to deliver state-of-the-art products.

NeoRhythm is the first gesture-controlled neurostimulation smart headband with proven efficiency and unique user experience. We see great potential in AI, and that is also the direction where we are heading.

Is the market large enough? Are there competitors? 

The market is undoubtedly large enough, given the fact our company focuses on helping people with their everyday problems and issues. Like all companies, we also have competition; however, their devices mainly have only one coil system, compared to our five coil system.

What sets us apart from competitors is the interest in investment in scientific studies of the devices, and we are currently investing in the most extensive sleep disorder study so far. I must mention, the key-value on the market is the respect for our customers.

Next to the quality of the product, the quality of the supporting services will be the crucial difference between successful and unsuccessful companies.

Would the product be influenced by other markets, and why? 

In the time of exponential technological advancement, my team and I are quite sure quantum computing and AI will undoubtedly influence neuroscience as well. Our team of respected scientists and experts is helping us co-create inventions that will help change our lives for the better.

Will you give us a closing remark and areas of improvement? 

As a company, we are devoted to our customers, and we are continually investing in development. We are persistently making improvements. We are already modeling a prototype of a device that would be certified as a medical device and will contribute to the treatment of different medical conditions’ symptoms. 

What are you reading right now? 

The time I dedicate to reading is mostly devoted to sleep disorders. The largest scientific study regarding sleep disorders is coming up, and I am currently focusing on that. Understanding the human brain is the most delicate topic, and there is no literature enough to get to the core of its structure and functioning, however, joining knowledge and science has helped us make NeoRhythm.

Support NeoRythm breakthrough in brain science on @indiegogo

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