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How to Learn Python Without Information Overload

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For everyone who doesn't know who I am - hello, I am Casey and I'm a full-stack developer.  Many people, friends, and family mostly, have come to me over the years wanting to learn how to code and wanted me to teach them. 

From those experiences and just reading over the Internet, the biggest thing I see when people trying to learn a new language or getting into programming is information overload and then giving up on the entire process.  I wanted to come up with a unique way to try and avoid this, and I think I may have found something - newsletter format.

Newsletters are hot right now in the business and tech industry but thought it would be great for teaching a programming language.  So that is what I did - started a newsletter where each week I send out a newsletter advancing from the week before. 

So week 1, it's the basics - getting everything installed and running, then week 2 we go into the basics of programming and continue to advance each week.

I did it this way to try and not information overload my subscribers.  I try to provide the right amount of information where they can't read it in 5 minutes, but they also don't have to spend 20 straight hours trying to learn a programming language. 

I try to aim for 1 hour of content and then if subscribers want more content I provide links to additional resources. 

The goal is to teach the fundamentals in 4 months so the subscribers have a really good understanding of the language and can then go out in the world and start developing real projects. 

I got really good feedback after sharing this idea around Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter and have just released the first newsletter article today. If you are a code newbie wanting to learn Python, go check it out and subscribe if you'd like! I think you'll learn a lot along the way.




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