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How To Keep Your Passion Project Growing Despite Challenges

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Interview with Joy Dixon Founder of Mosaic Presence

All this month, Joy Dixon and I have been digging into the theme of working on side projects that you’re passionate about. We started out by talking about how to keep your day job and pursue your passion project on the side, and last week we talked about how to keep your passion project moving along when you physically can’t.

In today’s final episode, on side projects for this month, we’re going to talk about how to keep your passion project growing despite challenges.

When we’re just getting started all the passion we have for our side project makes us feel like we can tackle small challenges that come up every day. But over time we start to uncover bigger challenges like funding, dealing with regulations, lacking experience, and missing self-imposed deadlines and milestones.

When we hit one of these challenges we feel stuck. Our side project stops growing, and again we’re tempted to quit.

Instead of giving up, it might be time to re-evaluate the direction and purpose of our side project.

In today’s episode Joy is going to share how she responded to all the challenges she ran into while setting up and growing her side project Mosaic Presence. You’ll learn:

  • How to embrace not being ready
  • Why you need to build a support system for your side project
  • Why Keep Your Side Project Alive Even If It’s Not Growing
  • Why Our Self-Imposed Deadlines Slip And Having A Day Job Helps When They Do
  • How to re-evaluate the direction and purpose of our side project instead of giving up on it

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