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How to increase sales in your WooCommerce shop by creating product bundles?

Once you start an WooCommerce store and orders starts pouring in, what would you want to do next? Increasing the sales would be the first thing on your mind. So, how do you plan to do that? There are a number of ways to achieve the targeted sales. In this article, we would be talking about one such way of increasing sales.

This strategy is to use a popular product in order to increase the sales of a non-selling product. When you find a potential link between two or more products and one of them is performing significantly better than the others, then congrats, you have found the right bundle.

In this article we would show you how to increase sales in your shop by creating product bundles using the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin by XAdapter. Let’s explore the various ways of creating product bundles with this plugin.

  1. By creating Combinational Rules

With the Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin you can create combinations of products or of categories.

Take the following example –

In the above case, the shop owner wants to provide a flat discount of $10 when both the Sketch Book and the Drawing Pencils are purchased together. The discount type chosen here is flat discount. The other types of discounts that can be chosen are Percentage DIscount and Fixed Price.

While creating a combination of products, it’s very important to select the products wisely. Make sure to bundle up only the products which are usually purchased together. For example, a combination of a Formal Shirt and Cap would hardly make any sense. Whereas a combination a Formal Shirt and a Tie can. Thus, while creating a combination, it’s important to see in terms of the buyer’s perspective. It’s important to make a note of the following — What products do most of your customers purchase together? If a customer purchases one category, what other category would he be interested in?

When a customer purchases the combination, the cart page would look like this –

You can see that $10 flat discount has been applied on the combination.

Now, you would definitely want your customers to know about this special discount associated with of the product they are about to purchase. So, in the settings page, enable the “Offer Table”.

Then you can see the available offers in the product page itself. Now, your customers are aware of the offer they get when they purchase the two products together.

2. By creating Buy One and Get One rules

The second way of creating a bundle is by “BOGO” rules. This is generally used for promotional purposes. Suppose you have launched a new product and is uncertain about the way your customer would take it. Thus, the best way to test it would be by giving it as a gift to your customers.

Again, a smart bundling is necessary in order for this experiment to be successful. You would not want to give away unnecessary gifts to customers who doesn’t need it. Such situation would do more harm than good.

In the above example, I have given Painting Brush as a free product, when the customer purchases Acrylic colors.

When you give one free product with another, it’s desirable that when the customer adds the later in the cart, the free product automatically gets added to the cart. This feature can be enabled in the settings page –

Thus, the cart would get automatically loaded with the free product –

Another way of making the product bundling to work in favor of your store is to setup a date range while creating the rule.

In case of “BOGO” rules, you can give out festival specific gifts. For example, during Christmas, you can give out candles, chocolates as free gifts. Similarly, you can set up strategic date ranges for combinational rules too.

You can further restrict the rules based on the user roles. You can choose to give out free gifts or combinational discounts only to a specific section of your customers.

That’s it. Hope this simple strategy takes your store to the next level.

Happy Selling!

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