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How to Import an Existing Project in Android Studio

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In order to start configuring, you need to install the Android studio and the 'Java SE Development Kit'. First download the android studio from here: Android Studio.

To import the template, simply open Android Studio and import/open the template. Make sure to wait for all the processes (the Gradle Build) to complete before continuing to the next step.

Addition steps

Sometimes, the Gradle Build fails. In some cases, additional components are needed and Android Studio will ask you to do download these additional SDK components. In the 'messages' tab, simply follow the instructions provided to install and download the additional components.

Change App Name


Above illustrates how you can change the name of the application.

Change Color Scheme


Above shows how you can change the colors of the application.

You can change your app's colors to create a custom look. The primary color is the color of the Toolbar, some buttons, and headers. The primary dark color is used for e.g. the status bar. Get more colors from here: material.io

Change Theme of Application



Above illustrates how you can change the Theme of the application.

Change App icon

Now we need to put a png file with your icon named 'ic_launcher.png' in the following folders:

res/drawable-mdpi - with a size of 48px x 48px
res/drawable-hdpi - with a size of 72px x 72px
res/drawable-xhdpi - with a size of 96px x 96px
res/drawable-xxhdpi - with a size of 144px x 144px

Here you can resize your images or event create new icon for your app: Launcher Icon Generator

Change API Links

API URL should be http://domain.com/API/index.php?p=

Base URL should be http://domain.com/API/


Above illustrates how you can change the Rest API link of the application.

Setup AdMob


Above is how you can change the Subscription Product ID and Licence Key.

Remove Admob ads

If you want to remove ads just remove this code in this screenshot:


Thank you & Support
I hope you were able to successfully install the app. If you have any question you can feel free to contact us.


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