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My Experience With Airbnb Experiences

Those who may not know yet, I have bumped into Airbnb Experience recently, through some of the stories that I am sharing people to share life experiences (for traveler or locals like myself) and how Airbnb can be part of it.
What's Airbnb Experience
First and foremost, in case if you don't know what's Airbnb Experience, here's what I can describe in short.
In short, Airbnb Experience One-of-a-kind activities hosted by locals. It’s an activity that goes beyond the typical tour or class, designed and led by locals all over the world. Show off your city, craft, cause, or culture by hosting an experience. You do not need to be an Airbnb Host to host an experience under the Airbnb Platform.
Here's an example of local city town of Airbnb Experience in Subang Jaya.
So, what exactly has I done with my Experience?
Well, the first place I have experienced it is via a "Make Your Bag Sling" workshop conducted by an expert by Sneakerlah Event, where the event is for me catch up with friends and checking out premium sneakers in town.
i) Sneaker Event
ii) Meeting with friends and some of them are influencers.
iii) Checking out a nice pit stop and Sneakers Bag
iv) Sneakers Photography with car
v) Here's my experience, to attend a short course on how I made a sling bag as per below 1 minute video on how this is made and the unique process of making such a sling bag.
vi) As the final outcome, I got a nice sling bag "Sketchers" with my name embedded in it. and proudly show it on how the machine and knitting of the bag detail come about.
vii) On the side note, I have also come across a nice sneaker that I wanted, and proudly am viewing my other ideal choice but unfortunately not able to get one of them as it is not for sale.
So What Have I Learned and can share with a potential host who may be interested to create unique experiences that I have shared?
1) First and foremost, choosing the right event theme helps. For Sneakers Malaysia, it is "Sneaker lah" as to reflect the hip of famous local slang "lah".
2) Understand of brief description with a unique selling preposition tagline. Below tagline is a real example of an Airbnb Experience Host,
The title of the experience is ④in①√Jungle√②WaterfalS√RockJump√BatuCaves.
The unique selling point is doing 4 immersive activities plus a nice memory such as "waterfall, nice food, and massage to recap overall experience".
Here's the overall tagline
Secret jungle + 2 Hidden waterfalls + Natural pool rock jump + Natural Fish Spa pedicure + Natural Jacuzzi Water massage were located only 24 KM from Petronas Twin towers and 15 KM from Batu Caves.
3) Always learn on what drives the conversation, and utilize the relevant hashtag of what people searching on. I am using a tool such as Keyword tool.io to find trending hashtag.
4) Craft the massage in the sequence of beginning, middle and closing to ensure people understand of your overall experience (and left some for surprises) .
  • beginning: how people can be best prepared for an experience,
  • middle: how you can navigate the challenges and things to look after /cherish.
  • closing message: The key element of what you can get after you been through an experience (photo, souvenir, or memoirs) would be your best gift.
The best experiences so far that illustrate the above point is a 5-minute video clip of from a traveler who do Solo Car Camping at Port Dickson, done (credit to Chew Hoong Ling and this video has 100,000 Youtube views from Dec 2018).
5) Important Photo Angle and Emphasize Key Messages.
Hope all the info helps and as the last token of sharing, best to take few photographs (with a nice wide-angle smartphone and lightings) with 45 degrees of your hand. Such as a picture of you and your types of equipment, unique explanation of a certain product process or important takeaways.
If I want to check out or communicate as Airbnb Experience further, can I reach out to you?
Yes, I do have to share further stories in my Facebook Group page, Airbnb FB Host
If you are ready to join Airbnb Experience below, do check out below link Start Airbnb Host Experience Here (my referral code).
Oh yeah, on a side note, if anyone has experienced similar to below Chernobyl Tour picture, that will be very great (as it is my ideal tour). Until then, connect again soon.


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