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How to Hack Your Brain for Instant Motivation

by Froala LabsJanuary 25th, 2022
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The prime ingredient your brain needs to gather is enthusiasm to fight back. Physical activity reduces your motivation to work at that high energy level. High-quality sleep is crucial for mental, physical, and emotional health. Have a clear goal in mind and have an image of it in your mind. Celebrate the Milestone Milestone: Celebrate your desire to achieve a goal that is burning a desire that is stronger than their unmotivated self-motivated. Be clear about what you want and decide on an example of it to achieve.

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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

This well-known Chinese proverb draws attention to the importance of instant motivation in life. Life is an amalgamation of ups and downs. There often comes a time when you are touching the sky with glory, and in the very next moment you struggle to leave the ground.

But what makes the difference when it comes to leaving the ground and remaining stuck to it?

It’s instant motivation. The prime ingredient your brain needs to gather is enthusiasm to fight back. But the question is, if it was so easy, then why haven’t people around the world used it to their advantage?

Well, you need to know it is not all about motivation alone but also your brain’s condition. You have to hack your brain the right way. If you fail to do so, then no matter how motivated you are, you are not going to make it.

Want to know how to hack your brain the right way for instant motivation? Let’s go through these tips to find the answer.

Hack #1: Physical Activity Is the Key

source: pixabay

With the advent of technology, life has become more comfortable. You can have the required information at your desk within a fraction of a second. But if you think that staying parked at your desk is beneficial for you, you need to reconsider.

You might have experienced fuzzy eyes, a stiff back, big sighs, pain, and more several times a day. This all reduces your motivation to work at that high energy level. As a result, your mind starts filling with unnecessary thoughts. 

Once you spend some time on these thoughts, they start exerting their influence and you start feeling demotivated. This demotivation can be regarding your current situation, project, work-life imbalance, and so on.

One of the cures to this low motivation is physical activity💪.

There is a great saying: “A sound mind lives in a sound body.” No matter how demotivated you are feeling at a moment, rapid physical activity can give you the push you need to boost your morale.

Just take a walk outside, do a series of jumping jacks, or perform some aerobic exercise you are comfortable with. 

In simple words, break a sweat, and you will start feeling motivated.

Key Takeaway: Your body is like a machine that will work better when it is used. If kept idle, it can become rusty.

Hack #2: Raise Your Energy First

source: pixabay

Energy is the prime source of everything you do. If you have full-on energy, you are going to achieve a lot. You will be self-motivated to accomplish task after task. But if you’re low on energy, you will find it difficult to complete even a single task.

You will have to raise your energy level🎢 When it comes to leveling up your energy, there are many ways to do so. Some of the best ways are: 

Good night’s sleep: High-quality sleep is crucial for mental, physical, and emotional health. It will help boost your motivation.

Meditation: Meditation has been well known for accumulating energy for ages. It will help you remain calm and focused.

Diet and eating habits: The human brain is made up of 60% fat. No matter what is going on, if you stick to good food choices and eating habits, you will take in good fats and generate energy.

Key Takeaway: Nature provides you with all you need; your only job is to be aware of it and implement it.

Hack #3: Have a Clear Goal in Mind

source: pixabay

Most people are not specific about their goals. As a result, they don’t have that burning desire to reach them. They lack self-motivation and seek an outer source to draw motivation.

Be clear about what you want 🎡 Take your time, think twice, and decide on your goal. Once you have defined a goal, you will be self-motivated to achieve it.

Whether you take an example of top-level athletes, successful business people, or achievers, they all have defined goals to achieve within a defined time. This keeps them moving minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day.

But this doesn’t mean they never feel unmotivated. They feel unmotivated when things don’t work in their favor. The only reason they keep on going is their burning desire to achieve a goal that is stronger than their unmotivated.

Key Takeaway: You can’t reach a goal without having an image of it in your mind.

Hack #4: Celebrate the Milestone Often


When it comes to instant motivation, there is no match for past achievements that have been celebrated to the fullest 💃 It doesn’t matter whether these milestones are reached individually or as a team.

The idea behind celebrating milestones is to trick the mind to move forward, take risks, and get motivated enough to achieve the final goal. Your mind will be reinforced to create more of what you want to achieve.

Even from a biological point of view, when we anticipate achievements or make them happen, dopamine and other feel-good endorphins are released in our bodies. This makes us feel motivated to move ahead.

Key Takeaway: There is no fun in having success if you don’t have time to celebrate it. 

Hack #5: Take Frequent Breaks

source: pixabay

Just take the example of your car 🚗 If you drive it mile upon mile without giving it a break, what will happen?

The chances are high you will end up damaging the engine due to overheating. And this will land you in trouble.

Consider other examples such as sunrise and sunset, movement between seasons, the flow of tides, and so on. All follow a rhythm.

What would happen if this rhythm were disturbed?

Will it be possible to survive on this planet?

Probably not!

The same is true with you. If you are putting your body and mind to work hour after hour without giving yourself a break, you will end up breaking not only mentally but physically too. The question of instant motivation won’t matter.

It is better to take frequent breaks. You can do whatever you love most during these breaks. This will not only reduce stress but replenish your energy, thus boosting your concentration and productivity. Once you start gaining productivity, you will be further motivated to take it to the next level.

Key Takeaway: Frequent breaks can lead to breakthroughs.

Hack #6: Change Your Environment

source: pixabay

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the progression; the only change you need is the change in environment 🌄 Where you are spending most of your time and with whom matter the most. They directly influence your life one way or another.

It is good to surround yourself with people who can help you move ahead in life. Have some like-minded friends in your circle who inspire you and celebrate your success. This will refresh your mind regularly and provide you with enough ideas to maintain self-motivation.

Apart from this, it is good to involve yourself in some other creative activities that not only provide you with fun but also aid in your achieving your goals. For example, you can take some online courses on a topic you love, or you can use an editor that can help you create or improve your business website or a mobile app. Thus, you will not only change your environment but productivity level too.

Key Takeaway: Just do it; you know-how.

Hack #7: Focus on One Thing at a Time


Everyone has problems in their lives irrespective of whether they are rich or poor. But what makes the difference is whether they are thinking about problems all the time or working on solutions. Mindset can solve the problem instantly or make it worse.

The same applies when it comes to motivation. If you are considering many things at once, you will be engulfed in a never-ending zig-zag. This can break you down. In this case, finding immediate motivation will be difficult. However, if you will consider one thing at a time 🎯, work on it, solve it, and then proceed further, it is going to work in your favor. 

You will start feeling comfortable with problems. 

Key Takeaway: It is difficult to hit the main target while aiming at multiple targets.

Hack #8: Retrain Your Brain

source: pixabay

Negative thoughts are common. A single negative thought carries the power to trigger a series of them. Once you get immersed in this series, it will become difficult to recover and to retrain your mind 😒. 

Try to overcome the fear of failure. This is the beginning of positive thoughts. Spend some time with yourself. Understand your brain more. Analyze the situation. Most of the time, the situation has a simple solution.

Although you will not be able to do this instantly as you have formed a habit, with time, you will start feeling the difference. Once you are able to retrain your brain, you will not require any outer sources for motivation. You will be able to switch from a negative to a positive mood instantly.

Key Takeaway: Once you become fearless, you will become limitless. 

Hack #9: Find Inspiration in Your Future

source: pixabay

Never forget why you started. Quitting is easy. There could be several times when you will be so frustrated and feel like quitting. In this scenario, it will be your visualization that can save you. 

Just close your eyes and start visualizing the future 🏆. Imagine how great it will be for you, your family, and the community. The result? You will immediately forget the stress and start working with more energy than ever before.

Just have faith in yourself. Remember that you have already come so far and you can certainly go the distance, no matter what the circumstances.

Key Takeaway: Your inspiration lies within you and not in some outer source.

Hack #10: Be Selfish and Work Only on the Things You Like Most

source: pixabay

Have you ever not felt well and then started listening to your favorite music 🎼? Do you immerse yourself completely in the music and start feeling better and more energetic? This is instant motivation that comes from experiencing the things you like.

Be selfish and do the things you love to do. Learn to say no, firmly. Sometimes being selfish is all you need for achieving your goal, and there is no regret in it unless it causes harm to others. This will not only prevent you from uneven frustration but will also motivate you from within.  

Key Takeaway: Do things you like the most, and you will not feel pressure at all.

Wrap Up

We have trained our brains to seek comfort. No matter how rewarding the difficult tasks are, we prefer to go with the easiest. The good thing is that you can easily hack your brain to do difficult tasks. All you need to do is understand your brain a bit more and retrain it. This will provide you with the instant motivation you are looking for. The way to do this is presented here in this guide. Whether you want to use it to your advantage or not is your choice.

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