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How to Find, Claim, Edit, and Upgrade Your Evergreen Tech Company News Page

by HackerNoon Product UpdatesFebruary 22nd, 2024
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Meet the Evergreen Tech Company News Pages from HackerNoon. Here's how to create, find, edit and claim your company on HackerNoon.
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Following our Tech Companies’ ranking, HackerNoon’s Tech Companies News Pages just got a major upgrade, all in service of representing your company’s internet footprint as accurately as possible on our news database of 11,000+ top tech companies in the world!

Let’s dive into it.

The New(er) Evergreen Pages

If you visit, you’ll see four main pages: home, news, about, and blog:

The HomePage features a logo, name, slogan, email, employee numbers, funding date, ranking, and description. It also includes a graphic of the company’s ranking and stock price (for public companies).

Scroll down for a list of similarly ranked companies (with option to hide list reserved for Premium Brands only), brand mentions in HackerNoon stories, and a company wiki.

The company ranking’s top variable is interest from HackerNoon readers. To improve your ranking, direct more traffic to your evergreen page or write more stories on HackerNoon and boost both your content and your page.

The News page exhibits all stories that mention the company and presents a related companies’ listicle. Here’s what it looks like:

The About page will lead you to the company’s wiki, which has all the essential info about the foundation and story of the brand, and the blog button will direct you to the brand’s profile page. Check out Microsoft's page to fully grasp our updates.

The Blog page currently is reserved for our business blogging customers, who hosts their blogs on HackerNoon; and for Premium brands, who can link any external blog post to this section. (See more about Unlocking Evergreen Premium below)

In the future, primary brand profile pages, such as this one, will be replaced with Tech Company News pages as the primary business page (such as this one). The collection of stories by the business will still be available as [company name] blog.

Get Full Control Over Your Evergreen Pages

How To Find Your Evergreen Page

Congrats - if you are one of the 11,000 companies (thanks to Startups of the Year) that currently have an evergreen page built for you!

You can simply search for your company’s name or url in our search bar at the top left corner of every page. Or type your company’s name in the wide search bar of this page which ranks the top companies:

Don’t see an Evergreen Page of your own? Apply via this form here.

How To Claim Your Existing Evergreen Page

To Claim an existing Evergreen Page, you need to have a company email that matches exactly with the domain of that company. For example, [email protected] will be able to claim our page, HackerNoon.

Then, click the yellow button on your page ⬇️

A pop-up will show on your screen asking you to:

  • Select automatic claim: login/sign up to HackerNoon with an email matching the company’s URL
  • Submit for review: login with any email and go through an editorial review of your claim. This is reserved for PR agencies that represent companies, or companies with different subsidiaries/parent companies.

Here’s a preview of the overlay:

You’ll need to be logged in to claim the page and only after your page has been claimed can you make changes to its content. Get your Tech Company News page today!

How to Update Your Evergreen Pages

Once you claim your Tech Company News page, here’s what you’ll be able to edit (click on the “edit” button on the top right)

  • About: edit your company name, description, wiki, website, employee number, and expertise here.
  • Socials: add all your links - HackerNoon, LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Images: add your company logo and (for Premium Brands only) a video header.
  • HackerNoon Stories: pick the top 6 stories that accurately represent your brand.
  • Web Articles (reserved for Premium Brands Only): curate which news you’d like to be shown on your profile.

See some examples of companies with very comprehensive internet presence here:

How to Unlock Premium Features

Loving your (already awesome) Evergreen Pages? Sweet! Why not unlock for even more premium features 😉

To preview Premium features as are on your Evergreen Pages, Click the “Show Upgrades” button on top right, and you’ll see ability to:

  • Add A wide video banner
  • Hide Competitor List
  • Add non-HackerNoon links via the Web Articles section
  • Link either your HackerNoon Blog or your corporate Blog via the Blog Section

Premium features are all about control, so you can capture your company details and comprehensive presence on the interwebs. There are several ways they could make your company better, but we want to focus specifically on your ability to curate your 6 best articles around the web, as demonstrated below:

As seen above, you can:

  • Add an article with header image, title, published date, author, and URL
  • Arranged your article in order by deleting/adding new ones
  • Have total control over the top 6 most important links about your company

The left column, in the Evergreen Premium example, is full of your company stories on HackerNoon, when/if your company name is mentioned. The best way to take advantage of this automatic feature, is of course, our Business Blogging. Or, if you are not interested in telling your own story and would rather the community talk about you instead, you might wanna check our our Writing Contests.

Until next time, please enjoy your brand new curated Evergreen pages, if you have one, or apply for one here, if you don’t!