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How to Create a Survey on Facebook

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Chatbots are the new way to survey Survey your audience in their favorite messenger app

To no one’s surprise, Facebook is indisputably the most popular social media platform right now, with more than 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide. When Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook back in 2004 along with his fellow students and roommates, no one had a clue that Facebook would become this successful.

From helping to connect with people across the globe to boosting businesses to reach their target audience, Facebook has been transforming the world digitally.

Today, Facebook, as an online platform is considered to have the largest panel of audiences across a wide range of demographic options to gather insights.

Well, in this article, we’ll be discussing how to create a Facebook survey and collect the responses from your target audience to improve your business.

How to Create a Native Facebook Messenger Survey

I’m sure you might have come across a lot of boring surveys posted by some users in your Facebook groups requesting each and every one of you to fill up the survey. Your friends might also have posted such survey links on their Facebook wall. And when you click on the link, you get redirected to another website and a boring survey page. Duh! 

Seeing the dated, clunky survey experience, you would want to leave the page even before filling out a single question.

What if you could do a native survey within Facebook even when you click on the survey link? That’s where Surveybot.io comes into the picture.

Here’s how you can create a native Facebook Messenger Survey using Surveybot:

  • Create an account with Surveybot (It’s free and doesn’t require a credit card.)
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  • Before creating a Survey, navigate to Bots and connect your Facebook pages you want. 
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  • Click “Create Survey” to get started.
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  • You can either use the pre-written templates or create your survey questionnaire from scratch.
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  • Now you have to design the survey, apply the logic, set the reminders if the respondent doesn’t reply within a particular timeframe. 
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  • You can also preview and test the survey so that you’ll get a hands-on experience of how it will look like in real.
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  • Now your survey is ready to go live.
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How can you share the survey?

You’ve created a survey and now you need to share it in multiple ways. Here’s how you can share your survey:

Messenger: Send your surveys directly to panel subscribers over Messenger.


Facebook Post: Share the survey just like a Facebook post on your wall. Receive responses when someone comments on your post.


Facebook Ads: If you’ve got a little budget to spend on ads, this is a good way to get more responses in a quick time. All you’ve to do is connect your Surveybot account with your Facebook Business account and publish the ad post. This is more effective than traditional web surveys as it doesn’t take the respondent outside of Facebook.

Short link: Share your survey with a unique short link and track easily. With this, you can find which response is from which campaign.


Website Chat plugin: Embed your Facebook Messenger on your website so that when a user visits your website they can do the survey without leaving your website, which will again increase the conversion rate.


Finally, analyze the responses

Once you start collecting the responses you can measure the pulse of your audience.

You can view summaries of question answers in chart representation and have a better visualization of the insights at a single glance. Surveybot also lets you export the responses to CSV so that you can deep dive into the data.

Facebook Survey Use Cases

Customer Feedback

Send survey requests in the form of messages or simply post a survey on your Facebook wall and collect feedback instantly on Messenger. This way you can collect feedback directly from your customers who are on Facebook.

Lead Generation

Qualify leads over Messenger. You can trigger a lead generation survey and collect valuable information from Facebook users when they visit your business page. Converse with qualified leads without any interruption and convert them into customers.

Market Research

Gather insightful information and understand your target audience by sharing well-structured market research surveys over Messenger to individuals, groups, leads, and even existing customers.


Create interesting quizzes and engage with your Facebook page followers. Share the quiz directly through Facebook post or Messenger, and score responses in real-time.


Find the likes and dislikes of your audience within minutes! Share quick polls via Messenger and gather higher engagement rates owing to its speed and easy-to-respond format.

Daily Scrum

Carry out daily scrums in your Facebook Workplace across various teams and get regular updates about the progress of tasks and roadblocks if any. The highly responsive scrum surveys can be completed quickly since it’s held via Messenger.

Employee Satisfaction 

Gauge the employee engagement and satisfaction by sharing surveys on your Facebook Workplace via Messenger. Gather employee feedback in no time and procure actionable insights.

Winding Up

Facebook, clearly, is an integral part of businesses and so are surveys, especially during these unprecedented times brought about by COVID. 

Marketers, sales persons, researchers, and even HR professionals have been using Facebook surveys incorporated into their strategies. 

Well, here’s a question. 

Would you send a survey link to a Facebook or Workplace user and redirect him/her to a bland survey page or would you offer them a native experience letting them fill the survey at the very instant over Facebook Messenger?

Since, the most important factor of a successful survey is response rates, the latter would be the productive choice. By triggering a prompt survey in Messenger, and eliminating the whole redirection process, you are not only saving the respondents’ time but also offering him/her a much better user experience.

Well, then, if that’s what you need, go nowhere! Get started with Surveybot.io and create highly engaging Facebook surveys that your audiences love.

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