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How To Check What Motherboard I Have

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The knowledge of the motherboard is essential for you as it helps you to decide whether you should upgrade your drivers or not. And to what extent you can update your drivers. Someone might suggest you look for the information on your computer system, but that is not understandable to all. We will help you in figuring out your query.

Many people getting benefits by going these type sources and getting their life easier for getting good stuff products. It has been necessary now to accept these informationโ€™s for getting stuff for your home, technology and outdoor. It is your hard earned money you are going to spend for getting appliances. Like now if you are getting information for having a good motherboard you can take some time and read the precious information before spending.

First Step To Do For Checking Motherboard

The first and widely used approach is to remove all the wires from the CPU and open up the case to check the details. But it is not the right approach unless you have an idea about the system. You won't get any idea by just opening a machine and looking at them. All you can get to know will be the name of components like CPU and the brand name of parts. So we should look at the other ways which include the use of the software.

If you don't want to install software on the computer, the Window will help you out. Open the taskbar and search for Performance monitor. When you click on the performance monitor, it gives you detailed information about the CPU along with cores and threads it has โ€” the amount of RAM and hardware of your system.

Having Window 10

If you are having Windows 10, type Command Prompt in the search bar. Open the Command prompt and type the command as given

C:\WINDOWS\system32>wmic baseboard

it will get the product, manufacturer, version, serial number. It will directly give you information about your motherboard.

Another option is to open the system information application. When you search by system Information, a new tab appears on the screen. It will give you details about the motherboard you are having in your device.

Additional Tip

You might find the information quite less for the motherboard. So you can go for an additional option. Belarc Advisor is a software you can use to get detailed information about your motherboard. You can download a free copy of this software.

It fetches data from the system and reproduces it in a readable form in a separate file. Remember to keep the data of the software with you only so that no one else has access to your data.

CPU-Z is another software that can help you find information about your motherboard. Install CPU-Z on your computer and open the PC case from the taskbar. It will open a file with detailed information about your computer. Click on the mainboard on the top icon to get the information of the motherboard. Information about RAM, GPU, CPU, chipsets, and which model you are using comes over here. This app is widely used because of reliable data, and it does not slow down your system. It also has a small CPU benchmark.

While using these software and apps, you might get confused that the data comes in the form of some serial numbers like ST1000VX000-1ES162. Don't worry, copy the number and paste on Google, which will give you detailed information about the component and part of the system.

We hope now you will easily find which motherboard you are using.

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